Pre-Wedding Ubtan For Brides
Pre-Wedding Ubtan For Brides
Weddings are when we look for makeovers, but how would it be if we could avoid chemicals and use homemade bridal ubtan? Read on for best ubtan for brides.

Pre-Wedding Ubtan For Brides


Glow as a bride should!


Weddings are the occasions when we want to appear our best and end up utilising skin-harming products. Indian handcrafted self-care items are natural and offer a more profound experience.


Brides should use homemade skin care products rather than pricey chemical ones.


We have used DIY therapies and gharelu nuskhe suggested by our elders for generations, and they always work.


Ubtan is a home remedy and handmade scrub. In an Indian household, from birth to Haldi, ubtan is a convenient handmade scrub.


Ayurveda is built on the belief that a healthy mind, body, and spirit are in balance. Ubtan is one of 16 techniques to beautify a Hindu bride in India's "Solah Shringar" rite.


Handcrafted ubtan have natural healing properties. Humidity and heat can injure the skin, even whether covered or indoors. The top layer naturally loses dead skin cells, but an excess can lead to dull skin and clogged oil glands, causing whiteheads and blackheads.

Let Us Look At The Best Ingredients For Each Skin Type

1. Ubtan For Oily Skin

Some skin types are prone to acne due to excessive oil production, which clogs pores and causes dull skin and whiteheads.


Curd, besan, Haldi, and lemon can help such skin. They will minimise oil, cleanse pores, and keep you fresh all day.

2. Dry Skin Ubtan

Dry skin is flaky and lacks moisture, making winter care difficult. Honey, milk, 

milk cream, or curd moisturise and hydrate it. This will minimise irritation and soften your skin.


3. Ubtan For Regular Skin

Normal skin type suggests you have an excellent PH-balance. Normal skin is waterproof and low-maintenance. Normal skin loves bananas, lemon, turmeric, besan, honey, or yoghurt.


Benefits Of Each Type Of Ubtan

Now that you know your skin type and which ingredients are best for it, let us present you with ubtan for pre-wedding bridal care, so that you sparkle like a diamond on your wedding day.


Ubtan's herbs, spices, grains, legumes, and nuts cleanse and brighten the skin. Different ingredients are used in the various ubtan mixture. Chickpea flour, turmeric, and sandalwood are typical ingredients. Adding more skin-friendly substances is optional.


All the ingredients may be purchased at home and used to make inexpensive pre-wedding face packs. Even brands are developing herbal ubtan skin care products.

1. Ubtan For Dry Skin With Rose-Petal Powder


  • Coconut oil - 1 tbsp 

  • Rose petal powder - 1 tbsp

  • Lavender oil - 1 tbsp

  • Curd - 1 tbsp

Rose petals work wonders in the fight against acne. Each rose petal powder component moisturiser dry skin. A relaxing food is oats, and a beautifying food is rose. Rice bran contains Gamma-oryzanol, a plant sterol that preserves skin and lipids. This ubtan makes a fragrant paste with rose water.

2. Lotus-Root with Besan Ubtan for oily skin


  • Lotus powder - 1 tbsp 

  • Besan - 1 ½   tbsp 

  • Lavender powder - ½  tbsp 

  • Chamomile powder, as required


Lotus roots are rich in vitamins B and C, giving skin a glow. These basic ubtan comprise zinc-rich chickpea powder and vitamin C-rich lotus root powder. Adding chamomile and lavender powder helps alleviate inflammation.

3. For Glowing Skin, Use Papaya And Curd Ubtan


  • Papayas- 2 grated

  • Lemon juice-  1 tbsp 

  • Rice powder-  1 tbsp 

  • Yoghurt-  1 tbsp 


Papaya is a great skin-tanner. Papaya and curd are rich in minerals and vitamins and can help your skin.


Grated papaya, lemon juice, 1 tbsp rice powder, and yoghurt give this ubtan its magic and shine.

4. Turmeric, Gram Flour, Milk Powder, and Yoghurt Ubtan

  • Gram flour-  1 tbsp 

  • Turmeric- 1 tsp 

  • Milk powder- 1 tbsp 

  • Sesame oil - 1 tbsp 


This ubtan restores skin colour and removes tan. Using this ubtan daily before your wedding will restore your lost radiance. Yoghurt moisturiser and brightens skin.


To get rid of stubborn tanning, use milk powder. Ubtan turmeric lightens hyperpigmentation and dull skin. This ubtan prevents ageing and environmental harm.

5. Nuts, Flaxseed, Cashews, Saffron, Orange Peel Ubtan For Radiant Skin


  • Almond powder - ½ tbsp

  • Pistachio powder- ½ tbsp

  •  Flaxseed powder- ½ tbsp

  •  Cashew powder- ½ tbsp

  • Rose water, as required 

Almonds, pistachios, flaxseed, and cashews are healthy nuts. Nuttier ubtan is made with red lentil powder and saffron. Saffron makes skin glow. Orange peel powder is added to this ubtan.


Now that we have covered ubtan kinds let us explore its skin-care benefits.

Benefits Of Ubtan

1. Anti-Ageing Features

Ubtan slows down ageing and makes you look younger. Chandan, turmeric, and aloe vera contain anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties that make skin more flexible, toned, and resistant to ageing.

2. Perfect For Oily Skin

Stop using chemical-induced acne products and try DIY solutions. Best acne treatment: neem. Mix neem leaf or powder with ubtan to eliminate acne and black spots.

3. Best for Skin Toning

Chandan (sandalwood) is a natural astringent. Regular application tightens pores and gives skin a youthful look. It aids with tan removal as well.

4. Serve As A Face Cleanser

Skincare routines emphasise face washing. Choosing a cleaner is difficult. Leave all that behind and trust ubtan to clean you from the inside out. You can start a pre-wedding bridal care routine in your kitchen.


Instead of chemical-induced bridal packages, try our natural cures crafted with love. Pre-wedding bride care items may contain costly, dangerous chemicals.


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