Use of Color Doppler Ultrasound During Pregnancy
Use of Color Doppler Ultrasound During Pregnancy
Being a pregnant woman, it’s quite debilitating mentally, physically and emotionally. Multiple questions concerning the baby surround the mind. However, there are various tests which can tell you about the baby.

Basically, a pregnant woman requires two major ultrasounds. Get these ultrasounds to know about your baby at the Best Diagnostic Centre in Ahmedabad. First one is during the first trimester to determine the number of babies, listen to the baby's heartbeats and to see the growth of the baby. Second one is done during the second trimester to see whether the baby is normal or not and also to check on the growth of the baby. Doppler Ultrasound scan is recommended during 28-32 weeks of the pregnancy.

This test allows the doctor an audio-visual impression of the blood movement through veins, arteries and blood vessels by making use of sound waves. The sound waves bounce back which helps to diagnose confined flow of blood, blood clotting, flow of blood to heart and brain, the feral umbilical blood flow and overall health of the fetal.   Moreover, it also captures the view of uterine arteries when a woman during pregnancy is at high risk of hypertension or when there is suspicion of intrauterine growth retardation. 

In case, the blood flow is confined to the fetus, there is a possibility of abnormal growth of the baby or can be underweight. In order to detect the risk of stroke in unborn babies with anemia, transcranial doppler is used. Usually, a regular ultrasound gives you an image of the internal organs of the body but color doppler captures pictures of blood flow by superimposing color on the blood vessels. 

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