How to increase HIV & AIDS awareness in the society you live
How to increase HIV & AIDS awareness in the society you live
Awareness has a major role to play when it comes to fighting against serious diseases like HIV and AIDS. Around 90 percent of new infections can be prevented if people are properly diagnosed and provided with treatment.

To prevent HIV, increasing awareness is one of the best ways possible. HIV awareness strategies can be used to raise awareness among the target audience in the society in which you live. Here are some ways you can increase HIV and AIDS awareness: 


Focus on Your Efforts

Focus on a targeted approach to create a desired impact on the audience. The community-based interventions need to be planned according to the target audience. While you would want to reach out to as many people as possible, creating such an awareness program will not be an effective approach. If you try to reach everyone, you will not be able to reach someone who needs help. 


You can focus your efforts on people that are at the highest risk of being affected. Develop outreach programs that are target specific. You can discuss various factors like cultural, gender, sexual, socio-economic, etc. 


There can be various gaps like language gaps, social stigma, and limited financial resources, that affect your target audience. 


Understand the Emerging Issues in HIV Prevention

Before you start sharing awareness strategies with society, you need to understand the emerging issues in HIV prevention. You must pay attention to changing public perception about the serious nature of HIV and AIDS. 


Risky behavior is becoming common once again. Evidence has shown that gays, bisexual men, and people of color are at higher risk and might experience an increase in risk behavior. One of the best and most effective HIV prevention strategies is pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). 


While you are spending time creating awareness programs, make sure that you take time to research the latest and most evident issues in this field. 


Promote Actionable Behaviour

Instead of providing basic information to your audience, give something useful and actionable. The majority of people are aware of the virus and how it spreads. So, try to focus your efforts on actions that people can take to prevent the spreading of HIV. 


Some actionable behaviors can be HIV testing, location of needle exchanges, date or venue of the next condom distribution event, or taking PrEP can help your audience stop the spread of the virus. 


Get your team some custom clothing to create a unified impact on the audience. 


Planning Activities 

There are plenty of planning activities that can be done to raise HIV and AIDS awareness in your society. The primary actions include attending an event, finding a testing location, take an HIV test. Also, you can share some planning activities like sharing stories and showing support for your mission and for people that are affected by HIV and AIDS. 


Also, make sure you check if there are any other overlapping events at the same time as yours. This needs to be done to avoid having to compete with other activities that might draw your target audience away. 


Choose the type of your event based on an outcome that you want to achieve. For instance, if you are planning on raising awareness, you can plan an event with activities such as an essay contest, news conference, public forum or town hall meeting, editorial, award ceremony, cultural or faith-based events, etc. 


Implementation Phase

On awareness day, you need to extend your reach to people other than your target audience. You need to focus your attention on attendees, future clients, other stakeholders, partners, and more. 


You and your partners need to focus on communication resources. Communication and outreach activities include Facebook live, personal stories, Snapchat custom filters, infographics, videos or live streaming, press events, custom clothing, Twitter chats live tweeting, and more. Also, capture the data and metrics so that you can measure your success later on. 


Assessment Phase

When your awareness day is about to end, you still need to do some important work. This includes assessing your growth and outreach. You must know what the impact of your activities was and if there is any scope for future events. You need to analyze all the aspects and figure out whether you helped raise awareness to the desired audience or not. 


Communication and Outreach Activities

Figure out the channels to be used for your communication and outreach activities for awareness. You must pick those channels that are used by the target audience. You can go with platforms like social media, blogs, email, in-person locations, websites, etc. 


In earned media, you can go for promotion with partner organizations, interviews with local media, local event calendars, cross-posts of your blog, and other social media content. Next, you can choose paid media and work with search advertising, social media advertisements, etc. 


You can also spread awareness by wearing custom clothing with slogans or catchy graphics printed on it. 


Quotes printed on custom clothes like t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks can readily catch attention and stay in the mind of viewers. It can be a constant reminder for people to stay safe and follow appropriate practices.


Evaluation Activities 

Evaluation starts before planning the event or any activity. You must know whether people are interested or not. It is important to know before you start making efforts and spending time developing your activities or events. 


There must be an evaluation component in every event or activity. Next, collect quantitative and qualitative data based on your success measures in the project plan. You can also review your partners and see if you achieved success or not. 


Partnership Activities

In this, you can identify some relevant partners in your field and work with them to increase awareness. You can partner with HIV/AIDS service organizations, community-based organizations, local colleges, local health centers, digital or online partners, etc. 


The type of partner that you select depends upon your existing network. You can also consider partners like universities, clubs, or businesses. You can connect with your partners and get them to agree on roles and responsibilities like communication channels to be used, images, hashtags, outreach messaging, etc. 


To create custom apparel for your awareness program, you can choose the t-shirt printing online method. This helps you to design various interesting graphics with ease. You can choose attractive designs to catch the eye of your audience and make an impact on the target audience.