Wallboard System / Drywall Tool Belt
Wallboard System / Drywall Tool Belt
A wallboard system made with genuine leather is excellent workwear. The drywall tool belt has 19 pockets and tool holder. It has great manufacturing that gives amazing comfort and accessibility.

Wallboard System / Drywall Tool Belt

A good drywall tool belt should be light but spacious.

You make a drywall tool belt too big, and it feels heavy over time. On the other hand, you don’t have enough space for fasteners and tools if you make it smaller. Moreover, nearly all the pro drywallers that we talked to tell us that the tool belt tends to draw down on the hips over the years. That’s a feeling you get after using a drywall tool belt system for a more extended period; that’s a feeling you. Therefore, a sound drywall tool system must achieve a perfect balance of weight and space!

That’s precisely the problem we have solved with the Trojan Wallboard System. This drywall tool belt is light on your waist on the one hand and has plenty of space for all your fasteners on the other.

Moreover, there are loops to hold your gun and hammer. Furthermore, the pouches are not too long, so they won’t bother you while walking with this toolbelt.

A good drywall tool belt should be light but spacious.

The places where tools and fasteners are place is of cardinal importance. Your hand should be able to reach what you need naturally without thinking about it.

Trojan Wallboard System is design after a close observation of how professionals do their work. Therefore, this tool belt can help you get the right tool within seconds.

There is a place on this tool belt for all your essential sheetrock tools. In other words, there is a place for your: rasp knife, drywall hammer, square, pairs of snips, circle cutter, jab saw and measuring tape.

Moreover, the Wallboard tool belt system has separate pouches for different screws and fasteners, saving time and enabling you to pick a screw without looking into your pockets.

It has to be strong, very strong!

That’s what the Trojan Wallboard System is. First, it made of top-grain buffalo leather. In addition, the leather used is the season; hence you get extra comfort. Therefore, this drywall belt system has one of the most extended life spans of the tool belts available today.

Second, you will find a washer backed steel rivet on every stress point of this tool belt system. Therefore, the whole construction is more durable than belts that are only stitch. The stitching done with multi-end polyester thread, which ensures the durability of the entire system.

Finally, the price: This drywall tool belt is the most economical leather tool belt system available in the market.