Why Would NRIs Choose Professional Property Management Services?
Why Would NRIs Choose Professional Property Management Services?
Indian economy is about to touch $5 trillion and in the run for becoming the third largest economy in the world.

Why Would NRIs Choose Professional Property Management Services?

Indian economy is about to touch $5 trillion and in the run for becoming the third largest economy in the world. External Affairs Ministry of India reports that 32 million NRIs and OCIs live outside India, and Indians living abroad make up the world's largest foreign diaspora. 2.5 million (250,000) Indians migrate abroad each year. The falling value of the rupee in the global market is one of the main reasons why NRI invests in the Indian property market. About 30 million NRIs in 130 countries regularly send money in the form of remittances.

NRI Property Management Bangalore

There are professional NRI property management Bangalore services available for the property owners and tenants. These are organizations that offer property management services for apartments, flats, and Villas with or without rent management plans – BASIC & PREMIUM.

For Rental Property Management in Bangalore, our property and homeowners sign a direct agreement with the tenant. There is a complete authenticity maintained while communicating and forming financial transactions between the Tenant and Owner. Security payment is made by the tenant directly to the owner and timely rent payments are assured. This professional rental Property Management in Bangalore provides the following facilities –

  • The ready to move home of your choice with or without furnishing

  • There is no brokerage charge.

  • There is no hidden cost for the tenant.

  • Security and rent amount are directly paid to the owner.

  • There is a team to support in managing the property.

Why is India an attractive destination for NRIs?

  • Investment Opportunities - Real estate offers great investment opportunities for expats in India.

  • Currency Depreciation - The devaluation of the Indian Rupee in recent months has been a boon for NRIs, shifting to the Indian property market.

  • Real Estate Property Value Appreciation – There is a great deal of appreciation of real estate properties in India. Real estate properties provide considerable returns.

Managing and Maintenance of Property

The tasks involved with Rental Property Management in Bangalore include-

  • Regular property maintenance

  • Property tax payment

  • Utility payments

  • Tenant background check

  • Managing tenants

  • Collection of rents

  • Liaising with resident owners association and other things

For NRI, property management in Bangalore is difficult as property owners are not in India and cannot handle day-to-day activities related to property. No matter which part of the world you may live, SANGAU's property management and rental services are easily available to you. With almost 15 years of experience in delivering rental management services, it offers the best rental property management in Bangalore that saves a lot of time and resources for the NRI property owners and provides them mental peace.

Financial transactions are transparent and always on time with quality service. We have thousands of dedicated owners and renters. Our robust processes and systems allow us to provide a personalized service that is unmatched in the industry. When it comes to Property Management and Tenancy Management in Bangalore services, SANGAU stands tall and there is no brokerage fee involved for the home or property owners and tenants.