Website Designing and Development Planning
Website Designing and Development Planning
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In Website Designing and Development, planning is the most important part. Nowadays there so many sites develop and out on the internet. It is impossible for your business or company to work without a website. There is a lot of work done before the coding of a website takes place. For the proper development of the website, we have to follow so many steps. The main reason for the development of planning is to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Planning for website designing and development can take too much effort and time. The two most important factors for website designing and development are time and money. First, you should be a basic idea of how long you might need to spend on each step. If you give more time to the first few steps, then you need to give less time to the back steps.

Steps for website designing and development planning


It is most important to do proper research and set goals for any project. It gives you a proper direction and will also help to achieve business for your company. The planning and goal setting step could take about a week to complete. The First step gives you an idea of the rest process.


In this step, you should have a basic idea about how your website looks like. In this, you create what kind of pictures, videos will attract your customer. For this step, the timing depends on experience and how much time spent on the project. And the most important thing that, consider logos, colors, and anything that will attract your customer and it should help the customer to get an idea about your business and products.


Content writing is very much important for success. In content writing, we can add your customer’s product and business. It is important that the content is not too hard to understanding. A website that has written very well is going to be much more successful.


Coding is a very important part of the website designing and development process. And it is also important to set up a framework. During coding, it is also important to consider SEO, CMS, and other additional tools which are helpful for the website.

Apart from that,

TESTING and MAINTENANCE are also very important for Website Designing and Development.


Now you understand the Website Designing and Development Planning is the most important part of your business. It takes too much time for this.