Types Of Commercial Insurance Policy
Types Of Commercial Insurance Policy
We believe that anything can happen to anybody, anywhere, we all need security in our lives.

We all need security in our life because we feel that anything can happen to anyone anywhere. Security is not just related to life, but it is also relevant to the future of the dependents of the family head. Who will not want to make the arrangements for his family if something happens to him? We all want our family members to be secure financially behind us. It is limited to a person and his family, but it has now become the need of most commercial businesses. Based on this requirement, the Commercial insurance happy valley brings forth Tilikum Insurance, which extends helping hands to those seeking commercial insurance.

What does the agency tick?

The name suggests bridging friends, relations, tribe, nation, or ordinary people. The insurance agency has against its name the following achievements-


  • One hundred hotels insured and counting.
  • More than 200 gas stations were insured.
  • Has 50 years of combined experience. 
  • Spread across 15 states of its business.
  • One-stop-shop fulfilling all your insurance needs.


Retail and Service 

Ensuring gas stations for more than 25 years – 

As we know, these businesses possess operational risks. The agency guides at every step so that business investment can be properly secured for the stations remaining open 24 hours, one of the best offers and pricing extended to the franchisee owner.

Food Service Centers – 

Growler stations, coffee shops, food carts, or Oregon manufacturing supports businesses with unique risk cover insurance.

Hospitality Insurance – 

The coverage under this sector includes – 


  • Food and Beverages
  • Liquor
  • Lodging
  • Body and Mind
  • Entertainment
  • Clubs and Sports


Professional Liability – 

Which is also called errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance). This specializes for a company sued for negligence in services. If you are in the business of professional service or counseling clients, you can opt for professional liability insurance.


Employee Benefits –

The company can opt for group health insurance and group disability and life insurance.




With Tilikum Insurance, a business owner can avail one of the best insurance policies to protect business and the workforce in the Commercial insurance happy valley.


Originsally published at on February 8, 2022.