Tips for Galaxy Edge Disney World - My Disney Days
Tips for Galaxy Edge Disney World - My Disney Days
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Tips for Galaxy Edge Disney World - My Disney Days

Tips for Galaxy’s Edge Disney World, Our goal is to make sure your trip is a success. Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World is a popular location. Tons of Star Wars fans gather here to show their appreciation for the films. It’s important to note this as crowds are bound to be found here in the Galaxy.

1. You can get your phone charged at the parks!

There are two places where you can charge your phone at Walt Disney World. One place is at the Magic Kingdom where they have a special charging station. Another place is near the entrance of Epcot. There is a sign that says “Phone Charging”. If you go into this area, you can use any outlet to charge your phone.

2. Bring a flashlight!

If you plan on going to the parks after dark, bring a flashlight. This way you won't have to worry about running back to your room to grab your light if you lose it.

3. Don't forget your camera!

Bring a digital camera along with you. You never know what you might find while exploring the parks. I recommend bringing a small point-and-shoot camera too.