The various methods you can Select to get hair extensions.
The various methods you can Select to get hair extensions.
When you are using hair extensions, You Do Not Just Need To be a bit cautious about the type of extensions you choose Additionally, you must Make Sure You Choose the correct method for installing them.

The technique you select for could make a huge difference, not just on The Cost, But Additionally, On the Overall Effects You get from your Virgin hair Extensions.

To this end, you should always consider the options That are open to you. in this regard, the following are some common methods that you can Pick From:


For the Beginner or For People Not Sure about Getting Extensions for their hair Clip-In Extensions are the Most Secure Option. They can be clipped into the hair and removed as needed. In addition, you get the ability to be more flexible with These, But You Also Determine if You're willing to invest in semi-permanent Hair Extensions. The simplicity and versatility of use allows you to familiarize Yourself with the way your hair Extensions will appear and feel when they are attached to your head.

If You Have Decided You Would Like semi-permanent hair extensions, you can pick and choose from the following options:


Bonded Hair Extensions are a procedure that uses glue to bond them to your hair. The process can be Hot Pressed or Cold be used. It is important to take care and you should work with A stylist who is experienced in this process as it can cause damage to the hair you actually have. The heat applied may also cause damage to roots and increase hair loss. In some cases, scalp irritation and sensitivity can be caused if you're allergic to the Ingredients in the glue, so make sure you do a Test Patch Before You Apply It. The results of Bonded Hair Extensions can last For 3 to 4 months If they are treated properly, it can shorten the lifespan of Your Extensions.


They could be either an I-Link Extension or U-Link. They are attached to hair By Using Micro-Links that are attached to your hair first. The extensions are then weaved through the hair and incorporated into the Links. There isn't any heat or pressure applied to the real Hair , which is why they are often preferred. Hair Extensions that are applied through these can last for up to 4 Months , however one will need to go to get them tightened since the links are prone to slip and fall off the hair.


They are the most expensive Hair Extensions Since They Are safer for your hair. However it's Not Just Costing A lot more, but the procedure of applying extensions is also more time-consuming. The extensions are fixed to Your Hair with a Keratin Based Solution Instead Of glue. The results you Receive look very natural. and last longer.


Weaves Are the cheapest Alternative when it comes to a semi-permanent Extension. When you use Weaves, your hair is first braided and the Wefts of hair are stitched into the Braids. This process isn't just time-consuming, but if the Braiding isn't done correctly It could trigger Scalp Alopecia and Sensitivity as well. Weaves typically last 3 to 4 months, but regular checkups are recommended to ensure that your scalp is in good condition.

When selecting hair extension for women Choose a Method You Feel At Home With and Select A Hair Stylist who Knows The Technique You'd like to use.