Launch A next-gen DEX Platform on Cardano And Race Ahead In The Crypto Space!
Launch A next-gen DEX Platform on Cardano And Race Ahead In The Crypto Space!
Decentralized exchange relies on the Decentralized Exchange Script for which traders across the world can trade in a P2P trading platform.

Every app built on the blockchain platform today boasts of being decentralized. So, it is not surprising that crypto exchanges also want to jump on the bandwagon, and many are on track to launch their decentralized exchange (DEX), where there are no middlemen, traders exchanging tokens with each other.
Digging this concept in detail, automation processes like creation & execution of proxy tokens, asset creation, decentralized multi-signature escrow system, payment gateway integration, quick notification, and more are well established in the DEX ecosystem.

The top 10 Cardano-based Dex Platforms are:

  1. AdaSwap
  2. DOEX
  3. MuesliSwap DEX
  4. Cardax
  5. SundaeSwap
  6. ADAX
  7. ErgoDEX
  8. Ardana
  9. Minswap
  10. Matrixswap

How to start a DEX trading platform?

Just follow the basic steps as mentioned below, thereby you will get a clear-cut idea about how to start a DEX-like trading website. Approach the best developer team who is an expert in coding & blockchain to build an advanced decentralized exchange website. Purchase a ready-made decentralized crypto exchange software package from our leading cryptocurrency development companies.

How to choose the right decentralized exchange script?

Following this quick guide can help to choose the right decentralized exchange script & they are,

  • Easy to register
  • Multiple crypto pairing
  • Trader control funds
  • Hardware wallet integration
  • Proven Trustworthiness & privacy
  • Security
  • Affordable to use
  • Customization & integration
  • Scalability

Why buy a ready-made decentralized exchange script from SellBitBuy?

Sellbitbuy – Top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development service provider offers a decentralized exchange website to our customers across the globe, we have more than 5+ years of experience in this field. We offer a ready-made decentralized exchange script to start a decentralized exchange platform. White Label Dex solutions from us offer eye-catch customizations for starting a ready-to-launch trading platform.

Exclusive platform functionality includes

  • Flexible monetization options
  • Customizable UI features
  • Ready-made cryptocurrency trading platform
  • High performance
  • 100+ transactions per second
  • Advanced Security & Encryption
  • Features of Decentralized Exchanges

Exclusive features from SellBitBuy

Concerning the importance of the Dex trading platform, we include exclusive features like

  • Multi-signature wallet
  • Automatic swap
  • Order book matching engine
  • Session expiry with user re-login
  • Liquidity & API integration
  • Hardware Wallet IntegrationKYC and AML verification
  • Customize a smart contract

Why SellBitBuy for Decentralized Exchange Development?

  • Bug-free decentralized exchange script
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Innovative ideas implementation.
  • Assured security is offered
  • Experts in building decentralized exchange platforms
  • Customized platform development solutions
  • Skillful & talented professionals
  • Client requirements are well-considered
  • On-time project delivery
  • Good technical support

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