Improve Your Website Using Google Analytics
Improve Your Website Using Google Analytics
Google Analytics is basically a free web analytics service that provides static and basic analytic tools for SEO and marketing purposes.

It is a free Google service. It works by the consideration of a square of JavaScript code on pages on your site. At the point when any clients to your site see a page, this JavaScript code references a JavaScript document which at that point executes the following activity for Analytics. The following activity recovers information about the page demand through different methods and sends this data to the Analytics server. These tools allow you to track websites, blogs, and social networks.

Why use Google analytics

  • Audience – who is accessing your website
  • Acquisitions – through which medium users are getting to your site
  • Behavior – what are the activities of users on your site
  • Conversions – which users are filling in forms, signing up through emails, making product purchases, or any other website goal.

Benefits of Google analytics

  • It measures your website performance
  • Check whether your marketing efforts are working
  • Check the performance of your traffic sources
  • It optimizes website pages to boost conversions
  • Easy to setup
  • User-friendly interference
  • Doesn’t slow your website load time
  • Integrate well with other tools

Google Analytics is really very important because it converts many more visitors into sales, leads, or subscribers and in turn helps in improving your website. It also improves your website SEO. We at SOFTIEONS TECHNOLOGY work on digital marketing and web development and helps our customers in improving their website-related activities which in turn help in their business growth.