How To Develop A Housing App Like Zillow- An Amazing Revolution In The Real Estate Sector
How To Develop A Housing App Like Zillow- An Amazing Revolution In The Real Estate Sector
Buying your dream home can be challenging. You need to look out for agents, go through property listings, etc. Real estate app like Zillow has simplified the process of buying and selling properties.

If you are planning to buy a property, it can be a tedious task to accomplish. Right from going through property listings to speaking to real estate agents to completing necessary documentation isn’t an easy task.

Well, real estate app development has simplified this complex process. It has brought in a revolution in the real estate sector and everything for good. So, now searching, buying, or selling a property will be hassle-free for both clients and real estate agents.

When it comes to successful real estate apps, Zillow is amongst the best apps that have set an example for other leaders in the real estate market. Well, now if you are looking forward to attaining success like Zillow, you will surely have this question in mind - How to build a real estate app like Zillow? Isn’t?This blog will help you find the answer to this question along with more information on how Zillow operates.

What Is Zillow?

It can be defined as an efficient marketplace or rather a social platform wherein users, buyers, sellers, and agents connect. Well, what all can be done on the Zillow marketplace

  • List/promote your property

  • Search for a house according to your preference, gather information about it, view photos, rental rate, location, number of rooms, and other details.

  • Tenants can search to rent an apartment in a preferred area

  • Know about home loans, utilize online calculators to know the cost of refinancing, mortgage, etc

  • Select the real estate agents, builders, home inspectors, etc

  • For agents, they can advertise their property on Zillow.

All these features make it an amazing platform for those dealing in the real estate business or search properties. Liked this marketplace? Now, you may think of investing in real estate application development,isn’t it? If yes, then before we proceed, let us know about the benefits of an amazing real estate website for sellers, users, buyers, and agents.

Advantages of Developing An Amazing Real Estate Website

Now, let us explore how different groups of people can leverage from real estate website

1. Sellers

  • Reliable target audience

  • Constructive advertising

  • Easy customer search

  • Healthier targeting

  • Flawless interaction between seller and buyer

2. Buyers


  • Flexible search system

  • Easy-to-use

  • Geo-location features

  • Reliability

  • Convenient seller-buyer engagement

3. Agents

  • Flexible work system

  • Modern analytics

  • Enhanced targeting

  • Increased deals

  • Effective marketing tools


  • Websites or real estate app like Zillow Have experts in their team to perform transactions (if buyers and sellers are comfortable). Hence, the website allows the involvement of all parties.

  • The real estate website safeguards its users against fraud. Hence, only verified sellers are permitted to showcase their content on the marketplace.

Steps To Follow For On-demand Real Estate App Development

Here we come to the most vital thing that is how to start with a real estate website development. Some of the vital things that you need to consider while building a real estate website or app to make it successful and rank well are


1. Extensive Market research

This is the very first stage that gives shape to your real estate mobile app development or website development. Yes, market research helps you know your target audience well. So, engage in extensive market research to know the users’ problems and how your app/website can resolve them. While creating a real estate app like Zillow, make sure you consider the following things from users’ perspective.

Buyer Browses The Site To

  • Search for a property that matches his preferences for example location etc

  • view the location of the property on the map

  • get information about the property

  • get a virtual 3D tour of a particular property

  • Compare the prices

Seller Browses The Site To

  • Assess the real estate property for lease or sale

  • Identify the latest trends in the real estate market

  • Promote the property

  • Calculate taxes and other payments

The Agent Browses The Site To

  • Promote real estate

  • Find clients and help them get expert support

  • Utilize the latest analytical & marketing tools

Once you assess the target audience, make sure you search for market goals and requirements of your competitors and build an efficient end product accordingly.

2. Business model


With a proper business model, you can redeem the real estate website investments or real estate app development costs along with other costs incurred towards development and continue earning profits in the long run. Ideally, this should be your aim while selecting the business model.

To simplify this aspect you can consider the business model followed by Zillow for monetization. So let us check out monetization channels

Premier Services

These services are designed for real estate agents. Zillow earns a lot through this stream by offering greater exposure and visibility to the real estate agents to get more clients.

Selling Promotions to Real Estate Management firms

Zillow earns profits by helping property management firms to promote their listings on the Zillow platform.

Sale of advertising space to mortgage lenders etc

Here Zillow sells the advertising space for businesses and mortgage lenders to attract more Zillow consumers.

3. Geo-location

Apart from other features to be incorporated in a website like Zillow, Geolocations is a prominent feature. Geo-location helps users

  • Buy/rent property in a particular location

  • Check out the price of real estate in a desired location/area

  • Fetch direction to a particular location

  • Search for more customers with geo-location

  • Look for free agents to check out properties in your area

  • Get detailed information for a particular area like nearby schools, crime rates, etc

4. Search For Skilled Real-Estate Website Developers

Apart from other aspects, one of the most integral factors is looking for skilled real-estate website developers to give wings to your real estate app/website idea. You can hire an expert real estate app development company equipped with experienced developers to meet your real-estate website requirements. You should hire developers who not only deliver a visually appealing website but also offer a fully functional website.

Essential Features To Consider For Your Real-Estate Development Website

  • Listing System

  • View of Real Estate Objects

  • Property Search


If you have an idea for a white label real estate app then only qualified tech professionals can introduce them in the real estate market. If you are looking for a crew of experts, then we at Apps on Demand can help you to build real estate app like Zillow. We understand the app requirements and have vast experience in handling simple to complex projects. Get in touch with us to share your app idea!

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