How is corn flakes prepared?
How is corn flakes prepared?
Corn flakes is a new type of fast food. It can be stored for a long time and carried conveniently. Overall the benefits of corn flakes by corn flakes making machine .

How is corn flakes prepared?

1.What’s the corn flakes of corn flakes making machine?

Corn flakes is a new type of fast food. It can be stored for a long time and carried conveniently. It can be eaten directly and processed into other foods by corn flakes making machine. And can Be Mixed with cold milk and yogurt, as breakfast, corn flakes is the world's most common cereal snack food.
The best material for processing corn flakes is hard horse-tooth corn. Because of its high content of Horny endosperm, high transparency after starch and carbonization, product appearance. When eaten, the corn flakes are prepared by boiling water. If you put corn flakes into the soup, you can make cornflakes soup.

At present, the corn flakes produced in China by automatic corn flakes manufacturing machine are light corn flakes, sweet corn flakes and salty corn flakes. Pale corn flakes are tan, sweet corn flakes are Tan, and salty corn flakes are yellow. Corn contains a large embryo, corn germ will affect the starch and corn flake shape, to the processing operation of corn flakes processing machine is inconvenient. So the production of corn flakes more use peeled corn grits after the embryo as raw material.

2.What is the nutritional value of corn flakes of corn flakes making machine?

The vitamin content in corn is very high, 5-10 times that of rice and wheat. At the same time, corn contains a lot of nutrients and health care substances. It surprises the experts.

In addition to carbohydrates, protein, fat, carotene, corn also contains riboflavin, vitamins and other nutrients. These substances have great benefits in preventing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Research also shows that the nutritional value of special corn is higher than that of ordinary corn. For example, the protein, vegetable oil and vitamin content of sweet corn is 1-2 times higher than that of ordinary corn; the content of selenium as the "life element" is 8-10 times higher; 13 of the 17 amino acids contained in it are higher than ordinary corn. And corn chips making machine.

In addition, the moisture, active substances, vitamins and other nutrients of fresh corn are also much higher than that of mature corn. Because the nutrient content of corn will drop rapidly during storage.

Contains 7 kinds of "anti-aging agents" Professor Rahman, a famous German nutritionist in charge of this research. And pointed out that among the more than 50 kinds of nutrition. And health substances proven to be the most effective today, corn contains 7 kinds-calcium, Glutathione, vitamins, magnesium, selenium, vitamin E and fatty acids.

3.What are the benefits and advantages of corn flakes?

Corn belongs to coarse grains, which is beneficial to the lungs, calming the heart, invigorating the spleen and appetizing, moisturizing the intestines and laxative, anti-cancer, reducing cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis, strengthening the brain, promoting metabolism, and diuresis.

Therefore, you can often eat corn. Diversify food in the diet, you can eat corn several times a week. Corn from corn flakes production machine contains dietary fiber, which has the effects of laxative and invigorating the spleen.

So patients with constipation can often eat a little fresh corn or corn flour. However, patients with hyperacidity may have to stop in moderation and do not consume too much every day. Although corn can invigorate the spleen and appetite, it should be consumed in small amounts for children and patients with weak stomachs.

Overall the benefits of corn flakes by corn flakes making machine
A.Corn can delay senescence.
B.Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
C.Corn can improve eyesight.
D.Corn can prevent cancer and anti-aging.
E.Regulate hormones.
F.Corn silk also has beauty and weight loss functions.

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