Can food packaging be placed in the refrigerator?
Can food packaging be placed in the refrigerator?
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Can I put the food wrappers in the fridge? It is a question that many people often ask because they are worried about the unnecessary hassle of putting the package in the fridge (e.g., the food won't stay fresh, the bag will break, etc.). A professional food packaging pouch manufacturer will answer this question for you.

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As a special food packaging bag, the food packaging bag is divided into single-layer and composite bags. The performance of mixed bags is often better than the single-layer bag, so many manufacturers are willing to choose composite bags as their food packaging. No matter what kind of food packaging, it can be used in the refrigerator at 0. However, if it is frozen, ordinary bags can not be satisfied, and it is easy to break. It would help if you used a special frozen food bag. Even in a -18 °C case will not break. Therefore, many food factories will be customized the according to their food production of the corresponding packaging bags.

So, if there is no refrigerator, how to use food packaging to preserve food?