An Ultimate Guide To Develop Uber For Haircuts App
An Ultimate Guide To Develop Uber For Haircuts App
On-Demand App Uber For Haircuts is a solution to deliver a location-based beauty service conveniently to the users.

In the current busy scheduled world, people feel complicated to visit the beauty salon regularly for their routine beauty care. The situation becomes even harder when they need to stand in a line in a long wait in a beauty salon. They are looking for a better solution for their convenience. 


Here comes the On-demand app Uber For Haircuts as a solution to deliver a convenient location-based service. This app allows the users to access the required services from multiple beauty services options listed in it. They can book an appointment and schedule the time for the beauty service. Great, Isn’t it?


On the demand towards the doorstep beauty services among the people, many salon owners are starting to invest in an On-Demand Beauty Service App. The app will help the beauty service business to reach a wider audience and generate high revenue. Here we discuss the market statistics and different aspects of the Hair Salon Booking App.    

Why Invest In Uber For Haircuts App Development? - Market Statistics 

Globally an exponential growth of the beauty service industry is seeking continuously with beauty brands to generate adequate alternatives. 


The worth of the worldwide beauty industry is around  $532 billion dollars and By the year 2025 the expected reach to be around $ 716.6 billion. The average expense of women in skincare alone is near $225k. Breathtaking isn’t it? 


Due to the rising demand for beauty services and shift to an online platform, beauty freelancers' life has evolved much more uncomplicated. The last year, out of the 1.2 million professionals, including stylists, hairdressers, and cosmetologists in the US, about 70 percent started marketing on their own via mobile apps. 

As per one more report, the beauty salon & spa market in 2017 worth valued at $128.59 billion, and its expected reach projection is to reach $190.81 million by the year 2024.

Business Model Types For Uber For Haircuts App Development

Dedicated Or Self-Owned Model:

To grow and brand the business locally the self-owned app is built by recognized beauty brands or by successfully established beauty salons. These apps allow the service providers to complete potential clients knowledgeable of their offering services & the online presence is improved for the business. 

Aggregator Beauty Service App:

This app, connects all beauty salons, hairdressers, makeup artists, and freelancing professional beauticians under a single roof. On crafting an aggregator app, you need to team with the beauty salons & spas services in your location. In these apps, the revenue is generated by charging a commission or fee for each payment transaction.

Must-Have Advanced Features Of Uber For Haircuts App Development

Quick Social Signup/Login:-

By using this feature the user can easily register and sign in to the app by using the social media credentials. To earn loyalty from the users the straightforward, attractive, and quick signup page is crucial.

Push Alert Notification:- 

This feature keeps the app users keep on updating the new offers, services, and information.  The service confirmation, scheduled service alert, service provider arrival update, etc… are received in the user’s app. The service request from the users, location reach, payment confirmation, etc are received in the service provider's app as a push notification. 

Service Feedbacks And Ratings:- 

This feature is a must need and more useful for the user who looking for a service provider for the required services. The user can leave feedback and rating for the service provider on the completion of the service based on the service experience.  Based on the rating the service provider will be chosen by the new users. 

In-App Chat Communication:-

The user can communicate with the service provider through this in-app chat option to interact and clarify the queries related to the service. It will be more convenient for the beautician or beauty service provider to deliver quality service to their clients. 

Bottom Line,

If you want to extend your business trademark outreach and with steady revenue generation, investing in developing an On-Demand Beauty Service App is a smart idea. This stunning app will deliver comfort and convenience to your clients who are looking for location-based beauty services with great offers and discounts. Get into the industry by creating your own Beauty On-Demand App instantly. 

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