Mattress Direct of Chesterfield
Mattress Direct of Chesterfield
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Welcome to the Mattress Direct of Chesterfield. We are a high-quality mattress wholesaler in Richmond, Virginia. Save 50% to 80% Off Retail on Premium Mattresses, Adjustable Beds, Bed Frames, Headboards, Pillows, and More! Factory Direct savings! 

Are you looking for a NEW Mattress? BRAND NEW Mattresses in plastic with full warranty.

We also have massive discounts on adjustable frames, bed frames, pillows, and more. Schedule an appointment today!


Great question! Our vision started when there was a time we went ourselves to a few mattress stores looking for a new mattress, we also looked online and realized a few things. High-pressure salespeople are telling us what they thought we needed. The only person that can tell you what you need in a mattress is yourself. This requires you to have the ability to lay on a mattress and identify what is best for your body, sleeping positions, and comfort. With that, buying a mattress online didn't work. We needed to lay on some ourselves first.