How Can an Ayurvedic Flavour System Be Used in Making Burgers?
How Can an Ayurvedic Flavour System Be Used in Making Burgers?
To make a tastier burger, you should follow Ayurvedic flavour system for proportionate taste.

Ayurveda has been helping people in terms of lifestyle for hundreds of years. Its reach has extended to a universal level, where the principles of Ayurveda can be used in creating the perfect flavour that can make food tasty and nourishing. Ayurveda insists on linking philosophy with spirituality, which is why the flavour principles can be used to make the perfect burger. There is always something to learn from ancient philosophies. So why not use it in creating one of the primary necessities of human survival, i.e. food? You can get the taste of this combination at a famous burger delivery in Lakemba.

Let’s see how the ayurvedic flavour system can be used for making burgers. 


Umami suggests using protein-based flavour, which needs to be savoury, lingering and delicious. The protein base needs to have a thin layer of fat that will enhance the flavour to the next level. The deep satisfaction of umami can deliver primal-level luscious flavour.


The sour particles can be used to maintain a delicious balance between sharp and blunt flavours. In the famous chicken burger in Lakemba, pickles are used to create acidic elements, which makes an excellent complement to the delicacy of the burger. It also complements a crispy and crunchy texture.


Spices are not only used to add some flavour to the blunt flavours of the burger, but it is also used to awaken the sinuses. The burst of heat can stimulate the taste buds of your tongue, which can complement the savoury of the meat and the sour element of the pickle. The lettuce and tomato also balance out the overall spice level.


There’s no need to justify the texture and taste of cheese in a burger. It is a delicious element that can complement the umami of meat. The creamy text of cheese melting in the mouth complements the burgers in Homebush.


The use of lettuce and tomatoes adds brightness of colour and flavour by making the presentation bright. The crispy texture of the veggies adds delicious brightness to the burgers.


The taste of a burger requires the presence of all elements that need to be there to fulfil all flavourful aspects of Ayurveda.