Catalina Offshore Products as best Seafood market
Catalina Offshore Products as best Seafood market
Beloved by the world's chefs for its versatility, excellent texture, taste, and beautiful red color!
Sushi Grade
Ideal for sashimi, sushi maguro, sushi rolls, and poke, as well as grilling or searing rare to medium-rare. Stands up to a variety of marinades and spices!

Catalina Offshore Products as best Seafood market


San Diego, California, California--Catalina Offshore Products is one of California's leading seafood suppliers. The San Diego exporter of Sea Urchins is pleased to announce Catalina Offshore Products' full partner status with Seafood for the Future. The fish advisory program is pleasing many customers by providing fresh seafood items. Over the past four decades, Catalina Offshore Products has built a tradition of excellence by providing customers with top-quality seafood.

Dave Rudie's fondness for the fresh sea Urchin for fish leads to this company being on the top level in the seafood market. We now handle an array of seafood, including shellfish, salmon, tuna, shrimp, fish eggs, crab, sushi items, and salsas. We started in San Diego as a wholesaler for sea urchins, selling domestically and exporting to Asia. Back in the 1970s, the owner, Dave Rudie, spent his days diving for sea urchins near the coast of Catalina Island.

Nearly 75% of the seafood that Catalina Offshore Products sells online, in bulk, and at its San Diego-based retail markets is sustainably raised at a top-level. Chefs worldwide, as well as in Japan, endorse the fresh seafood and the fish quality offered by Catalina Offshore Products. The business at Catalina Offshore Products has expanded, and the worldwide demand has grown. As a result, we have added more fresh and frozen seafood and fish varieties.

Founded by Dave Rudie, the seafood market San Diego is based on the mission to provide consumers with the best seafood, promote local chefs, and support local charities. A commitment to giving back is also a center of Catalina Offshore Products' mission, so Catalina Offshore Products has promised that every 40 pounds of seafood sold through walk-in seafood markets. In addition, we will donate a pound of fish to hunger relief programs through our company.