What do You Mean by a Food Dehydrator?
What do You Mean by a Food Dehydrator?
Did you know that you can preserve a food item's nutrients by drying it commercially? Well, an industrial food dehydrator can help you do so! Want to know more? Follow the article below!

Food dehydration can be traced back to 12,000 B.C.E. when Egyptians dried fish and fowl in the desert heat. The sun remained the primary dryer until the Middle Ages when residents of cooler, wetter Europe began to erect still houses, which were expressly meant to dehydrate food. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other things were hung across the room and dried over a fire.


Later in the mid-nineteenth century, French inventors Masson and Chollet created mechanised food dehydrators in which vegetables were dehydrated using air heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius) and crushed into vegetable cakes.


What is a Commercial Food Dehydrator?


A food dehydrator, also known as a food dryer, is a device that removes moisture from a variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts. A food dehydrator helps to preserve food by eliminating moisture using different heat sources, including convection or radiation. Extending the shelf life of certain fruits and vegetables will ensure that they are available for a longer time. There are a variety of post-harvest processing options available to help with this. Drying fruits and vegetables is a relatively simple approach to extend their shelf-life.' Dried food products can be enjoyed for several months after freshly grown local produce has vanished from local markets if properly stored and handled.


These days, food dehydrators use low-power convection to lower the water content of food items. Food has high water content, ranging from 80–95 per cent for various fruits and vegetables to 50–75 per cent for various meats. Removing moisture from food prevents bacteria from multiplying and ruining it. Furthermore, removing moisture from food reduces the weight and, in some cases, the volume of the meal, making storage easier. Food dehydrators are thus used to preserve and prolong the shelf life of a wide range of foods.


What is an Industrial Food Dehydrator?

A professional commercial dehydrating machine removes material moisture as soon as possible at a temperature that does not adversely impact the flavour, texture, or colour of the food. Furthermore, dehydrating machines are part of the CT-C hot air circulation drying oven, which is based on several CT series modifications. The CT-C oven has an axial flow fan, and automatic constant temperature control system, and a computer-controlled selection system. Single door hot air oven, double door hot air oven, and the huge hot air dryer machine are the three types of hot air circulation machines we offer. Large industrial food dehydrators, as opposed to single and double-door hot air drying machines, have more baking power and are appropriate for large-scale material drying production.


There are various benefits of using a dehydrator on the industrial level; we are sure once you know all the benefits, you will find it easier to purchase the best quality machinery in town. So, what are you waiting for? Research for more and make the right decision today!