What To Order When Dining At An Italian Restaurant
What To Order When Dining At An Italian Restaurant
If you are dining at an Italian restaurant in Sayreville NJ for the first time, you might be unfamiliar with most items except pizza and pasta. So here are some suggestions for you.

Whether you want to indulge in some cheesy dishes or have something healthy, going to an Italian restaurant in Sayreville NJ is always a good choice. Most people think of pizza when they hear Italian food but you can order a lot more. If you aren’t sure about what to order, then here are some suggestions for you:


It’s impossible to start a listicle about Italian food without talking about pizza. After all, it’s the most popular Italian dish all over the world, though every region seems to have its variety. Here are some you should try at a restaurant:

- Sicilian Pizza

If you want to get a feel for Italian pizza, then you should order Sicilian pizza. Unlike the regular pizzas, it is rectangular but goes just as well with some wings in Sayreville NJ. So you need rectangular cuts to split it even. It comes with a thick crust topped with mozzarella cheese and plum tomato sauce.

- Margherita

This classic Neapolitan dish comes as a round crust topped by fresh mozzarella and plum tomato sauce. It is baked with virgin olive oil and basil leaves for taste.


Pasta is the other dish Italy is well-known for. While you can always find instant pasta at a convenience store for a few bucks, ordering hand-made pasta at restaurants is worth it. It’s because making pasta by hand is a time-consuming process. This also ensures that your ingredients are safe and healthy. Here are some pasta dishes to try:

- Alfredo Pasta

If you like your pasta as creamy as possible, then order some pasta Alfredo from the Italian restaurant in Sayreville NJ. The dish comes covered in Alfredo sauce, a creamy sauce made from Parmesan cheese, some cream and other ingredients. The pasta is cooked in this sauce, giving it a white, creamy texture.

Fettuccine, a flat, thick ribbon past is the most common main ingredient. Other types of pasta like penne, angel hair and spaghetti can also be used.

- Meatball Parmigiana Pasta

If you prefer your pasta with some meat, then you should try some meatball parmigiana pasta. You get penne, angel hair or spaghetti with melted mozzarella, marinara and meatballs mixed in. Some places serve it with garlic bread on the side.


Pasta and pizzas are not the only things you can find at Italian restaurants like Mike’s Pizza. If you prefer sandwiches over everything else, then you might want to try some Italian versions.

- Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich

It’s a simple sandwich prepared with a long bread with crispy chicken, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese sandwiched in between. You can have it with some fries and soda like a regular sandwich.

- Eggplant Parmigiana Sub Sandwich

If you’d rather have something veg, then go for an eggplant parmigiana sandwich instead. It’s a classic served in Italian food places in Sayreville NJ. Here, the chef uses fried eggplant instead of crispy chicken.


If you’re on a diet, you probably look for salads on the menu. Here’s what you should order:

- Caesar Salad

It’s the most popular salad you can find in Italian restaurants. It’s a healthy mix of some crunch romaine, shredded parmesan, breadsticks and Caesar dressing. You can also order it as a side dish instead of wings in Sayreville NJ.

- Antipasto Salad

If you like some meat in your salad, then you might prefer a bowl of antipasto salad. Antipasto is a traditional first course served in formal Italian meals. It consists of romaine, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, roasted peppers, ham, salami and provolone. Some places add breadsticks.


If you like ending your meals with something sweet, then try these:

- Cannoli

They’re pastries with dough tubes filled with sweet cream made of ricotta and some chocolate chips. You can find them in places like Mike’s Pizza.

- Zeppolis

They’re little dough balls covered in sugar powder. You can also have them as appetizers while waiting for the order to arrive.