indisk mad take away
indisk mad take away
So good and tasty. indisk mad We were also nicely surprised by restaurant's customer service. We were fully satisfied after last time but restaurant quickly reacted to make up for everything. We are definitely coming back in the future ? Thank you.

indisk mad take away Bindia


Always delicious food, easy to order take out indisk mad and very friendly and polite delivery man :)

My family and I just love the food from Bindia in Lyngby indisk mad . They have a great selection of plant-based options that are just so fragrant and delicious. Also a perfect go to when having guests over and time is short. Makes everybody happy.

I and my family love it !? indisk mad

The food was great, made on time and delivered by a friendly and polite employee.indisk mad

Ordered the Coconut Tamarind Chicken and Aloo Gobi. Both dishes were delicious. indisk mad Aloo Methi is also highly recommended. Friendly staff, food is always ready at the agreed time. Favorite spot for indian food around Copenhagen!

Delicious Indian catering. Ordered a menu for 40 people on a Thursday for the upcoming Saturday. indisk mad Food arrived in time, tasted fantastic and we had happy friends and a good party. Spicy, round tasted curries and a superb Lamb in spinnach- love it!

This is simply some of the best Indian take out we have found.indisk mad Their dishes maintain the good Indian flavour and taste without being overly “greasy” or “fatty”.In our view a place worth visiting and a frequent go-to for take out for us.

For years, we have been regular customers at Bindia in Kgs Lyngby for take-away,indisk mad enjoying the tasty and authentic Indian food. Now we have also explored the catering option. It was very satisfying. If only Bindia would make their homepage more user-friendly, the experience would be above perfect.

My resent visit was especially good ?? I’m a bit of a rice critic ☺️ and this time they nailed it! Perfectly cooked - great texture and aroma. indisk mad The Dahl was perfect and the best in town ( if they don’t change the recipe ) So many gluten free vegan options :)