Tips To Dine In The Best Indian Restaurant During Pandemic
Tips To Dine In The Best Indian Restaurant During Pandemic
Ordering takeaway or delivery is safer but staying indoors too long can be frustrating. You need to take some precautions when dining in the best Indian restaurant in New York during the pandemic.

Tips To Dine In The Best Indian Restaurant During Pandemic

Despite the restrictions being at their lowest, coronavirus continues to be a threat. That's why it’s safer to order home delivery or the best Indian takeout in NYC. But staying inside for too long can be frustrating. So here are some tips to dine in your favorite restaurant while staying safe from the virus:

Check Whether They’re Open

The pandemic has hit all businesses hard. Despite being considered essential services, restaurants are not safe from economic effects. You should check whether your favorite restaurant is open or not before going there.

Cover Face

A face mask can prevent the virus from spreading to some extent. Your mask should cover the mouth and the nose before going out for dining or ordering the best Indian takeout in NYC. You don’t have to buy a surgical mask, you can use a cloth mask instead as long as it covers the spots with no gaps.

You need to wear the mask at all times while outside, except when in a car or when eating and drinking.

Take Temperature Checks

It’s best to cooperate with the staff taking temperature checks before entry. If you have a fever, you can recover at home. If you don’t, then the staff can rest assured that they are safe. You might want to take temperature checks at home before going to the best Indian restaurant in New York. If you have a fever, then this will save you the trouble of returning home from the restaurant.

Ask About Precautions

Restaurants need to follow CDC guidelines to keep their guests and staff safe from the virus. These include regular temperature checks, providing hand sanitizers, marking areas for social distancing, etc. Ask the management what precautions they are taking to keep diners safe before going out. You can also find this info on the restaurant’s website and social media handle in many cases.

Reserve Table

The seats in most restaurants are limited due to the high number of diners and social distancing guidelines. You should call the best Indian restaurant in New York to reserve a table so that you don’t have to wait for one to become available when you arrive. You can also reserve tables on the restaurant website.

Dine Outdoors

Many restaurants have set up an outdoor dining area as per CDC guidelines. Outdoors are safer than indoors because the virus does not linger as long outside as it does inside. It dissipates outside more quickly and is killed by the UV-rays. You can check which restaurants are open for outdoor dining through the net or some phone calls.

Social Distance

You need to maintain a distance of 6 feet from everyone at the best Indian restaurant in New York, that’s not part of your group. It’s especially important when dining indoors. You should follow social distancing markers to stay safe. If there are no markers, then try maintaining it yourself.

Pay Contactless

Cash and cards can spread the virus through their surfaces. Instead of paying through them, try paying through contactless payment methods like mobile payment or online payment.

Order Before Arriving

The longer you stay at the restaurant, the more risk there is of infection. If you’re the type that likes to read through the options before placing the order, then place them before arriving at the restaurant. The staff will have your meal ready on your table. This will help you finish and leave quicker. If pre-arrival orders aren’t an option, read the menu online and decide what you want to eat before arriving at the food place.

Follow Proper Sanitation

Wash your hands from wrists to fingertips at least before and after having your meal. Use a hand wash liquid or soap. Lather it for twenty seconds to kill all germs. You can also use a hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Be sure to take a shower once you return home.