Top 5 Crypto Payment Gateway Platforms for your Business in 2021
Top 5 Crypto Payment Gateway Platforms for your Business in 2021
Looking for the best cryptocurrency payment gateway platforms? Here's a list of top 5 crypto payment gateway plaforms that are prominent and suit your business.

Top 5 Crypto Payment Gateway Platforms for your Business in 2021

top 5 crypto payment gateway platforms for your business

If you are searching to know about the best cryptocurrency payment gateways in 2021. Then it is the correct place to find it out. In this digital era, there are lots and lots of progressive technologies evolving with the beneficial factors out there. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are also some of the advanced technologies that are evolving around the globe. But only a few people are aware of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 

Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency are a dominant trend and shaping the face of many popular industries. As we know that, the popularity of digital coins is growing daily and positively impacting the marketplace. Crypto is a digital asset that is completely developed under powerful blockchain technologies. Currently, cryptocurrencies are widely used in digital trading platforms and for businesses. This made many business class people accept cryptocurrencies. With this innovative crypto solution, we can manage high volume transactions. That’s why we are seeing the increasing demand for cryptocurrency payment gateway development services around the world. 

If a merchant wants to accept crypto, then he/she needs to have a crypto payment gateway. So many startups and entrepreneurs approached for the best crypto payment development service from the reputed blockchain development company to develop a crypto payment gateway platform for their business. Currently, there are many crypto payment gateways in the market. But only a few are prominent and the best to kick start. 

In this article, let us discover the top 5 cryptocurrency payment gateway platforms for your business in 2021. But before that, let us see…

Like traditional payment gateways, Cryptocurrency payment gateways are the borderless payment networks that help merchants and users to perform smooth and easy transactions of cryptocurrencies. Crypto payment gateways also accelerate the speed of crypto transactions and adopt innovative techniques. Basically, crypto payment gateway platforms are built with high-end security mechanisms. So it helps merchants and other users to facilitate the cryptocurrencies securely. 

In general, the crypto payment gateway platforms support a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies for transactions. Such as bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and other prominent digital currencies. Crypto payment gateways are completely developed with special software tools. These payment gateways are mostly used in crypto trading platforms and will be very useful for merchants who are handling online business. By considering these factors, we can see the importance of cryptocurrency payment gateway platform development.

The Crypto payment gateway platform gives us numerous benefits while keeping the pace of growth very reliable. The blockchain-based crypto payment gateways can affiliate with more markets and make them a part of small companies. On the other side, it can totally eliminate the third parties that extend the time of transactions and reduce their cost. As the usage of digital currency is increasing now, the need for distinct tools for facilitating the payments is also growing. So many merchants will create accounts and the owner can collect fees for their withdrawal. By doing this in a crypto payment gateway, one can earn more profits in a short time. Thus many people are approaching the reliable cryptocurrency payment gateway development company to create their own crypto payment gateway platform.

Now, let us see…

At this current time, there are several crypto payment gateways in the market. But not all of them are popular and only a few of them reached greater heights by their features and enhancing functionalities. Here we list the best 5 crypto payment gateway platforms which are prominent and suit your business.

Since the early days of cryptocurrencies, BitPay is a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway platform based out of the US. With the BitPay mobile app, users and merchants can accept cryptocurrency as payment for more than 40 integrations.  Bitbay was first founded in 2011 and it is recognized as one of the best crypto payment gateway processors. Bitpay has a two-factor authentication as a default option for a secure transaction. Hence the dealings and payments are done securely. This crypto payment gateway platform provides an instant withdrawal within the time frame that we are comfortable with. It also accepts crypto debit cards for instant crypto to fiat currency transactions.

It allows donations which can be done in bitcoin. By using the superfine bitpay app merchants can accept crypto as payment for more than 40+ E-commerce platforms. Also, they can convert crypto into 8 distinct fiat currencies over 38 countries. Thus, bitpay supports only in limited countries. Bitpay approximately charges a 1% amount of fees for each transaction. So by collecting transaction fees, bitpay is generating a lucrative amount of money and this made them reach better heights in the market.

CoinGate is the user-friendly and well-known crypto payment gateway mobile app to monitor crypto payments from their phones. This app allows your business to accept the crypto and receive dividends in EUR, USD, or BTC. It provides a plethora of solutions and services for all types of business verticals like Plugins for E-Commerce, APIs, and more. It supports all sorts of cryptocurrency payments with shift integration. This payment gateway supports more than 50+ cryptocurrencies for its global users and merchants. It supports the transaction of BTC to USD as well as EURO instantly. 


Coingate provides a POS application for distinct platforms like the web, Android, and IOS. This crypto payment gateway helps merchants & other individuals deal with crypto payments and other transactions smoothly and securely. Like bitpay, coingate also charges 1% of the amount as a fee for each successful transaction. (Note: It might take about one hour to complete the transaction).

CoinPayments is one of the popular and the best crypto payment gateway platforms for crypto payments. As the name suggests, it is an effective and secure payment gateway for cryptocurrencies. CoinPayments was first launched in 2013 and recognized as the best option for every merchant and crypto users across the globe. By using this crypto payment gateway platform, users can deal with many digital coins including Bitcoins. On other other hand, coinpayments give an excellent environment for token holders and make things more reliable. 

CoinPayments comes with shopping cart plugins that help to perform the online shopping business using crypto. It secures the payments with a robust crypto wallet and provides better transactions. Like other crypto payment gateways, coinpayments also charge a 0.5% fee on every transaction. It makes the crypto payments instantly with the support of the GAP600 protocol. Thus many startups are willing to develop a crypto payment gateway platform like CoinPayments in the first place.

As everyone knows Coinbase is one of the world’s prominent crypto trading platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Apart from trading cryptos on Coinbase, merchants and users can also utilize it for accepting payments for their business. It acts as a merchant crypto payment gateway app where one can accept payments in crypto and convert them into fiat. It was first founded in 2012 and it is also one of the largest crypto exchanges with millions of active crypto users. This crypto payment gateway platform has all the progressive security systems. Thus, it will be a secured platform for cryptocurrency payment. 

Coinbase acts as both the exchange and crypto payment gateway platform. It provides the superfine and secure crypto payment gateways to merchants and has a merchant app to accept the crypto payment. So merchants can instantly convert crypto into traditional fiat currencies. But this platform is available only in limited countries. 

You can also develop a crypto payment gateway platform like coinbase from scratch with the help of a top-notch crypto payment gateway development company

CoinsBank is a first-class cryptocurrency Payment gateway platform, wallet provider, and a UK-based exchange platform. It doesn’t matter whether you are a user or a merchant, one can make instant crypto payments on this platform. Coinsbank is the blockchain-powered gateway and has a good reputation in the blockchain space. It supports some prominent fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP. In this platform, one can easily synchronize their debit/credit cards for crypto payments.

Coinsbank has a crypto payment gateway app that supports both android and IOS devices. By using this ideal application, merchants and users can instantly withdraw and deposit funds. 

These five are the best crypto payment gateway platforms that are prevailing in the marketplace. If you are a person interested in developing a crypto payment gateway platform similar to the above mentioned popular ones. Then all you need to do is choose a professional crypto payment gateway development company. One such genuine and professional development company in the blockchain space is Zab Technologies. 

Zab Technologies is the trusted crypto payment gateway development company to construct your crypto payment gateway platform. We are specialized in developing crypto payment gateway from the scratch with enabling advanced features. Along with this platform, we also offer a mobile app that supports all the major platforms like the web, android, and IOS at an affordable price. Apart from this, we also excel in offering some blockchain services like crypto exchange development, crypto wallet development, and more. 

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