How to earn money online with your smartphone in India
How to earn money online with your smartphone in India
Ways to earn money online in India

How to earn money online with your smartphone in India

A significant number of people are guilty of idly scrolling through social media on their smartphones for several hours each day. The good news is that there are now techniques to make useful use of that time.

There are a number of websites and mobile applications that enable users to earn money by participating in activities such as watching movies, downloading and playing games, completing surveys, and so on.

In point of fact, some applications may just be downloaded and left to operate in the background, and in exchange for enabling them to gather information about you, you can make money.

This article outlines thirty different ways in which you can make money in India by utilizing your smartphone.

Apps That Pay You Real Money Watch Video Ads In India

The following is a list of apps and websites that pay their users to complete various tasks.


Swagbucks is one of the most well-known and lucrative apps available to users in India. It compensates users for activities like as watching videos and advertisements, playing games, installing applications, responding to surveys, and other activities.

You may expect to make anywhere from $1 to $5 each day as a typical user, which may not seem like much, but you have to keep in mind that it adds up over time. For instance, if you spend a short amount of time on Swagbucks each day, you could potentially earn anywhere from $365 to $1,825 over the course of a year.

Earnings can be redeemed for a variety of different things, including through PayPal and a wide variety of gift cards.

Cash Smugglers

Cash Pirate is somewhat comparable to Swagbucks in that users can earn money by downloading videos, watching advertisements, and doing other activities.

As a reward for completing these tasks, you will earn points that can be used in the future. You are not able to redeem your points until you have earned a minimum of 2,500.

As is the case with the vast majority of these applications, the amount of money you can make depends on a wide variety of factors. If you download around ten apps per day, however, you will have the opportunity to earn approximately three dollars. This translates to $1,095 per year if you use the program on a daily basis.

Apps That Pay You Real Money to Carry Out Surveys in India Online

Apps that will actually pay you money to use them Paid online surveys available in India:

Place for opinions.

Users are compensated by Opinion Space for their participation in online surveys. In order to offer you relevant surveys, it will first send you a series of questions designed to profile you.

After completing it, you are eligible to receive cash incentives that build up over time and can be cashed out using a variety of different methods, including PayPal.


InboxDollars is a reliable website that compensates users for participating in online activities such as doing surveys, redeeming discounts, and carrying out other tasks. It has been around for many years and has already distributed millions of dollars' worth of prizes to its users.

The amount of money that you make will vary depending on the surveys that you take (in general, the longer ones will pay more), but you can anticipate making anywhere from $0.50 to $20 for each survey that you complete.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has also been operational for a considerable amount of time. It is a website that provides its users with the opportunity to earn money by participating in online surveys.

One single survey on this particular website may pay as little as $0.50 or as much as $3.00, depending on how long it is. In addition, finishing one of the surveys can take anywhere from two to thirty minutes of your time, depending on which one you select.

Games That Actually Pay Out Real Money In India:


Users of the game Qriket have the opportunity to win money by doing nothing more than spinning a wheel. You might make anywhere from $0.05 to $10 from each spin that you play. You can obtain additional spins by watching advertisements, even if you have none remaining in your current total.


The software known as Mistplay provides you with access to a wide variety of games that you may compete in to gain rewards. Users receive recommendations for games to play based on the information contained in their user profiles. Every one of the games has its own unique scoring method.

The amount of money you make using the app will, of course, be based on how much time you spend using it; nevertheless, the maximum you can expect to make per month is $50.

Coin Pop

When players participate in Coin Pop's sponsored games, they are rewarded with cash and gift cards. However, you can only access it using an Android device.

You won't make much money playing this game, only approximately $0.03 for every minute you spend doing so, but you will have a good time doing it. Those who already play a significant number of mobile games may find that the investment is worthwhile.

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