Business Loan in Delhi
Business Loan in Delhi
Financeseva offers unsecured business loan in Delhi for low interest rates. Check your eligibility criteria for a business loan in Delhi here.

Business Loan in Delhi

Business Loan in Delhi

There are many lenders business loan in Delhi who provide business loans including reputed banks NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) and other financial institutions. Yes, all the facilities regarding a business loan are available in your city. The national capital region of Delhi is the hub of various economic activities. It is surrounded by many states like Haryana and UP. Therefore, the opportunities are plenty, to take financial assistance to uplift your business.

A business loan can be provided to any individual, business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, MSMEs (Micro Small Medium Enterprises), large enterprises, and other business entities. For the purpose of working capital requirements, enhancing cash flow, purchasing equipment/machinery, buying raw materials/goods, etc. An applicant who is residing in Delhi/NCR and is an Indian Citizen can apply for a business loan in Delhi.

The rate of interest, loan amount, and repayment tenure that can be applied for a Business Loan in Delhi are as mentioned:

  • Loan Amount- Up to Rs. 2 Crore – Unsecured loan – Collateral free
  • Loan Tenure- Max. up to 5 Years
  • Interest Rate- 16% p.a. onwards

Benefits of taking a loan from Financeseva?

With Financeseva, your process for a business loan will be quick and easy within just three effortless steps. We provide loans at the lowest interest rate through 130+ banks. There is an online application for business loans with other details. You can visit our website to get more information.