What to consider when buying beauty products.
What to consider when buying beauty products.
We have compiled a list of suggestions and recommendations to tell you what to consider when buying beauty products next time.

Sometimes, buying beauty products will make you feel like entering a magical fairyland.


Other times, there have been endless things. Sometimes you may feel helpless and try to read all the labels, ingredients and formulas to choose the products that are suitable for your skin type. Since beauty products can be absorbed by our blood through the skin, it is important to find products with high-quality non-toxic ingredients.


We have compiled a list of suggestions and recommendations to tell you what to consider when buying beauty products next time.


1: Read the ingredient list


The ingredients are arranged from high to low. Therefore, the ingredients listed above are part of most formulas. It is important to ensure that all ingredients are safe and nourishing for your skin, especially those listed above!


2: Avoid using harmful ingredients that may irritate skin and affect health


When you check the ingredient list, you must pay attention to the following common skin irritants:


Benzoic acid esters


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate




Artificial perfume and perfume


Triclosan and triclocarban




Petroleum distillate


DEA and tea




3: Look for nutritious, clean and natural ingredients.


To ensure that your skin will not have negative reactions or outbreaks, look for products composed of natural organic extracts (plants, roots, seeds, etc.)+minerals+antioxidants and skin nutrients (peptides, vitamin E, C, etc.). These ingredients will soothe and calm any skin irritation, nourish skin moisture, act as a barrier to harmful free radicals, prevent signs of aging, and help treat any skin problems, such as acne or rash. If your skin is sensitive, choose products that are labeled non allergenic or non acne.


4: Understand the brand by interpreting packaging labels and symbols


When choosing a cosmetics brand or product, it is important to consider the value and ethics of the brand. Do they test on animals or use animal by-products in formulas? Are their packaging sustainable and recyclable? At present, most cosmetics and skin care products have symbols on their packages to help consumers understand their brands and products.


Here are some common symbols and their meanings.


American logo - products are made in the United States.


Jumping Rabbit Symbol - No Cruelty: Not tested on animals.


Pure - This product does not contain any animal derived ingredients or by-products.


The gluten free cosmetic logo guarantees that the gluten content of the product is less than 10 parts per million, which means you will not have any reaction.


Recycling arrow triangle - The packaging is recyclable.


Peta is not cruel - not tested on animals.


Capping can - This is the symbol of PAO (period after capping): how long should the product be used after capping.


Book - Finger to book indicates that more information about the product is included in the package, usually on the opposite side of the insert or peel sticker. This symbol is usually included when there is not enough space to print all product information in one place.


5. Choose the product that best suits your skin color


When choosing foundation make-up, bronzed cosmetics, eye shadow and even lipstick, it is very important to know your skin color and complexion! Knowing your skin tone and skin type will help you choose the perfect product to embellish and compliment your natural features.


6. Choose the product suitable for your skin type


When buying beauty products, it is important to know your skin type. For example, people with dry skin may benefit from moisturizing cream or liquid products, while people with oily skin may find matte powder or mineral foundation make-up a better choice. You also need to consider the amount of insurance that best suits your needs. Those with red, imperfect or inflamed skin may need more coverage, while those with more balanced skin need less. Foundation make-up with high pigment is a good choice. The highly colored base provides a lightweight, buildable overlay without looking like a cake.


Consider trying HD concealer, foundation make-up and powder. These products look flawless under strong light or high-definition cameras. Make sure to make those Instagram filters unnecessary!


We live in an era that provides endless choices for those who love beauty. We are fortunate to have access to product information to ensure that we use only healthy, safe and clean products. We believe that the beauty experience is environmentally friendly, 100% cruelty free, 100% gluten free, and 100% vegetarian certification. Are you ready to join our mission, karmic burden of beauty?