There are tons of body butters out there, but finding a good one that will actually work for you is key. Here, we've rounded up the best butters and whip-thick treats to coat your body in a layer of luxe hydration.

Moisturizer, aside from SPF, is arguably the most vital component in any skincare routine—and we’re not just talking about your face. It will not only address any existing dryness on your body right away, but it will also maintain your skin looking smooth, youthful, and healthy as you get older. That’s why body butter should be part of your daily routine, whether it’s just after you get out of the shower in the morning or right before you go to bed at night. To assist you in finding the best body butter for your skin, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 body butters available on the internet. This list contains something for every skin type and budget, ranging from $9 to $44.

How We Found The Best Body Butters

We don’t use the word “best” lightly. We used the most authentic method to uncover the body butters that genuinely live up to their name. We bought and used the products ourselves to determine which products deserve to be included in our Top 10 lists.

Continue reading to find out which formulations made the cut and which will become your new go-to.