Men's Fashion Designer London, UK
Men's Fashion Designer London, UK
Kaushik Velendra is a UK - London based menswear Fashion designer with an instinctive appreciation for impactful clothing, whose trailblazing collections are reshaping modern menswear. Power dressing for the people and tailoring for the future ’ is how Velendra describes his brand’s DNA.

Kaushik Velendra

Kaushik Velendra, the London-based menswear designer, is the changemaker in the men's fashion industry, bringing a refreshing and inclusive vision. Kaushik Valendra's intuitive liking for impactful apparel is reshaping the thinking toward contemporary menswear. Velendra continues to showcase compelling fashion statements by generating a unique paradigm of conventional tailoring blended with a creative outlook. Dominion attiring for the individuals and tailoring for the future is how Velendra defines his label.

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