How to pair with Raw crystal Jewelry
How to pair with Raw crystal Jewelry
If you are someone who has love and a good eye for genuine gemstone crystals and likes to cherish them in their most natural appearance, here are a few fun facts shared with you to celebrate your love with them.

These raw crystals are found exactly like how they came out from the earth, untouched by humans, machinery, or any other heat treatments. They are found in the weirdest shapes and sizes and often don’t have that luster as when the gem is faceted or polished. There are different sets of beliefs when it comes to rough gems and people often consider them to be sacred and pure as they are untouched by any external factors. You can find various gems like Moonstone, Amethyst, Amber, etc. which are mostly loved when used to create Authentic Raw Crystal Jewelry.


Perks of wearing a Rough Crystal 

According to the healers, who use crystals as a way of curing various illnesses and problems believe that the more rough or natural a crystal is, the more power it holds, and the high intensity of its vibrations helps in getting the best possible outcome out of it and thus are even used in various therapies. They help in eliminating all the negative energy from a person and aid in the synchronization of mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Many people wear a Raw Crystal Pendant to keep it close to their heart so that its energies can directly enter their heart and remove any blockages from within. 

It also affects our chakras and maintains a balance between them to ensure the removal of any blockages present. Harmonizing between the different chakras helps you with spiritual enhancement and allows you to rise above basic materialistic things. 

Even having stunning metaphysical properties, it is used to create bewitching jewelry like Rough Crystal Earrings and other accessories. 

Handpicking the Cream of the Crop

Raw crystals have the most beautiful and unique appearance and are used to create the most dream-catchy Raw Crystal Jewelry designs. When they are studded with 925 pure sterling silver, they create the most fascinating accessories and are genuinely something rare and unique to add to your collection. Raw Crystal Necklaces along with other pieces of jewelry are in fashion these days. 

Raw Crystal Bracelet is also treated as a statement piece of jewelry that perfectly vibe along with your body and attire. The essence of this purity will definitely make you stand out. The versatility of this gem will definitely help you create a positive aura around you and others.

Also, if you are someone who craves a piece of jewelry that is totally different and unique along with multiple benefits, this is a must-have for you. 

People even wear the Raw Crystal Ring as a symbol of protection and to help them overcome their long hauled fears. 

Moreover, if you are wearing your jewelry occasionally, then keep it back in the box after returning to the home. Don't keep it on the console table or anywhere else in the house. You can wash it with water and keep it back in its place.


Raw Crystal Collection at Rananjay 

If you want to really add this masterpiece to your life and want it to really work out properly for you, then it is essential that the crystal you choose is genuine and authentic. Crystals like Rose Quartz, Rough Peridot, Aquamarine, etc. are really rare and precious. So it is important to purchase them from a place where the quality, durability, and genuine properties of the stone are guaranteed. One such platform is 

Rananjay Exports where you get wholesale raw crystal jewelry and other gemstone jewelry with thousand plus jewelry designs to select from. Since they are a trusted Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and supplier, whatever purchase you make with them will be cost-efficient and they only provide triple-A quality gems to ensure your long-term relationship with them.  

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Wholesale raw Crystal Jewelry

Wholesale raw Crystal Jewelry