Fashion Tips For Sterling Silver Jewelry
Fashion Tips For Sterling Silver Jewelry
Since ancient times, human beings have sought to discover healing properties in gemstones and minerals. A simple Google search will turn up countless results on the health benefits of silver

Choosing jewelry is difficult every day. You do not want to spend cheap things, but you also want to look at your gold-plated workplace. Silver is a great solution to this problem.


Regardless, silver jewelry is always an eternal classic. It is affordable and versatile. You will find a great balance between simplicity and sophistication, especially if you know what's good about money.


Before you make your next purchase, here are some tips to make your jewelry the most stylish.


What Is Look Good With Silver

Sterling silver jewelry is a classic, as it is easy to wear every day with an everyday look, but it is also elegant to stand out in a more formal event. But here are 8 ways to design your clothes to make your jewelry look the best.


Choosing The Best Color

While silver is always versatile, it is still important to wear the right colors to make your jewelry stand out. The best color to combine silver is black because it creates a nice contrast. Dark blue and Bordeaux are colors that also stand out with silver and create a rich background that makes your jewelry shine. 


Avoid wearing bright silver colors like light and pale yellow as these colors will prevent the brightness and contrast of your jewelry.

Choose Simple Methods

When choosing your outfits, it’s best to keep them minimal when you wear silver. Powerful and regular techniques can distract you from the beauty of your silver jewelry. Especially if you wear a lot of silver, stick to simple patterns and your jewelry is just an expression.


Different styles for different occasions


Another great tip for styling your jewelry is to choose the right style to match the occasion. For the workday, try pairing a necklace or earrings with a black dress. This will help you to look together without looking up.


At night, however, you can be more daring to your liking by wearing several silver necklaces with many colorful ornaments.

Don't Do Too Much

While you might want to wear all of your best sterling silver at once, don't overdo It. Famous stylists often suggest that jewelry or clothing should be the focal point, but not both.


So if you are wearing an elaborate dress, go for a simple pair of earrings. But, if you are wearing something very simple like a black dress then a few silver pieces can change your look to look a lot more elegant.


Also, don't wear too much to the point that you are uncomfortable. Less is more and too many conflicting parts can end up feeling sticky and noisy.

Make A Layer

You can still choose a bold and unique style that matches the silver. To do this, try to wear multiple silver necklaces of different lengths at the same time, and wear multiple rings and bracelets at the same time. Collect the rings on your hands, put on a few bracelets, and fold the necklace to the length of the neck and through the neckline.


If you combine jewels that complement each other, you can create a very dynamic and visually appealing look.

Choose The Right

Choose earrings that match your face color and stand out against your hair color. Fortunately, silver jewelry looks great on light and dark skin tones and all hair colors.


Choose a model that suits your overall dress style and personality. There are many designs of earrings to choose from, from stunning studs to rings.



We all have the richness of our precious coins and our emotional connection with them. Now you want to buy jewelry with the idea of ​​economy and innovation, it will allow you to wear the same jewelry every day.


This is a great way to dress differently, to wear the right outfit for this purpose, and to always feel good when you have different outfits to wear. Suppose you have been wearing the same pin for years and now you have a strap to go and you need to wear a little shorter clothes. Learn how to choose between getting tired and crying when you go out at night.


Fun With Colored Stones

In the past, the fashion police would say that you should not spend money on gold jewelry at the same time or mix colored precious stones with your money. Mixing these metals together is more recently accepted and also creates a nice balance of luxury and minimalism.

Crystals like amethyst or aquamarine mixed with silver are sure to look royal as they take on a new twist on the boring jewelry trends of the past.

Eternal Beauty

For centuries, silver has been one of the top choices in day and night jewelry. Eternal and ancient beauty. Being aware of what goes well with silver in terms of wearing style will also enhance the beauty of silver jewelry. All the way to ensure this beauty is to choose the right color for your dress according to the pattern to change your jewelry pieces on different days.