Facts about the haute couture dress world
Facts about the haute couture dress world
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Facts about the haute couture dress world


In 1945 during the launching of the first Paris fashion week, the term "Haute Couture" was legally registered at the time.

The conditions for obtaining this classification are the design of fashion for certain customers or celebrities, and for more than one occasion, using a sewing workshop that employs at least 15 sewing workers and 20 full-time technical workers.

According to haute couture dresses Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the haute couture homes must present at least 50 original daytime and evening clothing designs to the public every season, in January and July.

Over the years, designers have challenged themselves to sew such unique pieces to display in their couture collection. Only those who make continuous efforts have been granted membership in the haute couture dresses club. Previously, haute couture was purchased exclusively for the very wealthy during Paris fashion week, which peaked in 1950 at about 20,000 buyers.

Today, there is an influx of purchases at the international level. About 4,000 haute couture buyers are now present in worldwide.


Let’s find out some facts about haute couture dresses;


As haute couture week approaches, we can't help but think of the great costumes we'll see in this week-long event. While fashion-lovers gather in the French capital, the streets of Paris attest to the takeover of both fashion and confidence in the big self and tall models that move from one show to another.

The importance and fame of haute couture week is not only the meeting of some of the most important figures in the fashion world in one place but also because of deeper meaning, some very strict rules and a huge amount of effort and very careful work. In an age when Instagram is taking over the lives of each of us, there's no doubt you're used to living the joyous haute couture moments through live streaming, but nothing like watching events happen in front of your eyes sitting in the front rows of shows, don't you agree? Before you're busy with haute couture week, let's give you some fun facts about this famous week.


  1. Haute couture week in Paris is the most anticipated event on the fashion world calendar, with the finest haute couture dresses designers meeting in the capital of love and fashion to showcase their greatest work before the eyes of the world. But, what does haute couture dresses mean? It means high-end sewing, i.e. the field of tailoring high-end women's custom fashion.
  2. The haute couture dresses circle includes only elite designers, and no sign can deserve to be named haute couture. The latter must be a member of the Paris chamber of the federation of high fashion designers, has at least 15 employees at the atelier, and offers its collections of daily and evening fashion twice a year. These costumes must be hand-sewn and made over long hours and the collection displayed by the house must include 35 unique pieces.
  3. The world of haute couture is an area that requires huge amounts of money and very few fashion houses can afford to enter this world. At the top of the list are Paris-based Elie Saab and Armani brevet, which play a very important role in the French fashion world.
  4. The Paris Chamber of The Federation of High Fashion Designers has only 18 members, including Dior and Chanel CHANEL, while the 2,000 permanent haute couture dresses customers are the only ones able to buy expensive haute couture dresses designs.


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