Finding the perfect brow pencil is harder than it seems. Some are soft, some are waxy, & some may look great when you first trace them on but quickly oxidize to a warmer shade.

When it comes to creating an attractive, there usually are 2 types of people, one who just love putting on makeup and the other who prefer eyeliner and lipstick to do the trick.

For ones who just prefer eyeliner and lipstick, eyebrow pencils are a godsend. Eyebrow pencils don’t cost much and effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. And trust us, you are going to use it again and again.

It’s the go-to option that you can easily get at a your nearby drug store. And the best part is that there are nine different shades available, you can pick from light blonde to black according to your brows’ color, and it comes with a thin tip that is perfect for drawing tiny brow hair and has a spoolie brush. And yes, how can we forget! It’s a waterproof pencil.

It will leave no color streaks and breakages to your eyebrows and give you defined eyebrows just like you desire. It has a 1.5mm tip that will give you perfect strokes and spoolie to give you perfect natural-looking eyebrows. It comes in six shades, from light blonde to black-brown.

To make your eyebrows the best, Revlon offers this amazing pencil which also has brow gel on the other side. Isn’t it amazing? The brow pencil has a soft tip that blends easily into eyebrows, and gel on the other side will enhance your look. It is available in 4 different natural shades. This is the best eye makeup pencil as it gives you double benefit.

If you come in the first category and just love makeup, you will understand that eyebrows are the most essential part of our face, and surely you love to experiment with the shape of your brows. But what about the holes that makeup makes in our pockets. No doubt it makes us look beautiful, but it’s expensive, well, it very expensive! So how not to compromise with our makeup and still get that glam look? Eyebrow pencils are the best answer to this question.

When it comes to brow pencils, choosing the right color is extremely important. You can’t have one with the exact color of your hair as it won’t look natural. The trick is to choose one shade lighter that will look more natural.

So now that you know how to pick the right color, let’s have a look at our list of best eyebrow pencils that are a must-have and you can easily buy them from your nearby drugstore


Eyebrow pencils give you the perfect eyebrow while saving money that you would otherwise spend on expensive alternatives. And with our top picks, you can just visit your nearby drug store and buy the one that best suits you.