Back to Basics
Back to Basics
We all love those show-stopping smokey eyes and bold lip cosmetic looks, but let’s face it, those looks take skills and time a lot of us just don’t have.

We all love those show-stopping smokey eyes and bold lip cosmetic looks, but let’s face it, those looks take skills and time a lot of us just don’t have.


Makeup basics are important. Not only can they help get you ready in a jiff when you press the snooze button one way too many times, however they help you transform your lifestyle for every occasion.


Whether you’re a beginner learning how to build a routine that fits your style, or a busy woman on-the-go, go, go, consider this your guide to keeping make-up simple and approachable.


And if you think you got your basics down, use these suggestions to advance your skills from blah to wow!




After all the cleansing and prepping, foundation is what serves as your second skin. It gives you a flawless complexion by evening out your skin layer tone and hiding those annoying breakouts.


The first thing you should consider when choosing a foundation is what sort of coverage you want. If you’re happy with the overall appearance of your skin and don’t have much to cover up, you should opt for a lighter coverage, such as a tinted moisturizer.


If you suffer from acne or have a lot of redness you want to conceal, a complete coverage foundation liquid foundation is your best bet.





Now that you’ve got your base, let’s move on to brightening your face. Again, when you have blemishes you wish to cover up or under eye circles you intend to remove, concealer will be your bff. There are various forms of concealers, like creams, sticks, and liquids. Like foundation, pick your concealer based on what kind of coverage you are interested in.




Now let’s bring some color back to your face with some bronzer. Although foundation evens out your skin tone, it also gets rid of the natural shadows and highlights on your face. When you apply bronzer, you create depth and bring warmth to that person. When picking a bronzer shade, think natural tan; not too orange and not too dark.




This is an extra step, but it’s becoming more and more of a staple in everyone’s cosmetic routine. Adding highlighter to your face brings an instant, fresh glow to the face that accentuates your features. However, assuming you have an oily/combination complexion and worry a highlighter might make your lifestyle oily instead of glowing, opt for a matte highlighter, gives you the brightness without the shimmer.




Who doesn’t love that youthful, rosy cheek look? Whether you want a more natural look and pick a shade that matches your natural flush or use a far more vibrant hue to make your lifestyle more playful, apply your blush with a light hand to avoid the dreaded clown look!




With smokey eyes and bold color combinations, the eyeshadow game can be intimidating. If you’re a beginner stick with neutrals. Choose a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone and use a lighter shade to highlight your brow bone for a refreshed look.




Eyeliner is all about boosting the form and color of your eyes. There are several techniques you can use, but if you’re just starting out keep it simple by using a pencil along their lower lash line to create definition and along the upper lash line and make your eyelashes look fuller.




Filling in your eyebrows could be a little intimidating if you’ve never done it, but adding definition to your eyebrows change the entire look of your face!




Mascara is a great way to provide your entire face a little extra pop. If you’re just getting started stay away from waterproof formulas. Pick a mascara that has a smaller brush which means you can have more control when putting it on.


Turn up the volume with an eyelash curler: 


Don’t run away from the curler! Those little contraptions can look scary, but you’ll love what they can do to your lashes! Place the eyelash curler at the bottom of your lashes. Squeeze a couple of times until you get your desired look, and add mascara to open up your eye look!


Lip Color:


The options are endless when it comes to the perfect lipstick, but the easiest intro to lip color is to start out off with the less pigmented options and work the right path up to the bolder hues. Not merely do darker colors take more effort to use and keep maintaining, but it requires additional tools like lip liner and concealer.


So there you own it; it’s always good to go back to the basics!