Three pieces of jewelry you must own
Three pieces of jewelry you must own
I would like to recommend some exquisite jewelry from my wholesale jewelry. If you are interested, please follow me!

Three pieces of jewelry you must own

As we all know, although jewelry is not like clothes and bags, in the proportion of a large area, but many times without it, wear as if lost soul. Accessories are not only the secret weapon to light up the overall shape, but also the manifestation of personal unique aesthetic and charm. As the presence that makes our body more beautiful and attractive, it can bring different styles to any part of the body in any way.

Every woman who loves beauty may have a jewelry dream, hoping to have a variety of beautiful jewelry to wear every day.

Through wholesale jewelry, you can easily realize your dream. You can choose a wide variety of styles, colors, and prices are very low, which is perfect for most women.


Today, I would like to recommend some exquisite jewelry from my wholesale jewelry. If you are interested, please follow me!


Shark clip

The shark clip has become a must-have tool for female celebrities to create a sense of atmosphere, and it can be easily done with long hair and concave styling on any occasion. Ken Bean also love this single product, go out to fill up the oil, hair with a clip, can be effortlessly beautiful. The classic shark clip, as long as the hair is up, no matter what style will be a good match.

I carefully selected a few wholesale jewelries, let's take a look!


1. Diamond-encrusted shark clamp. Put it on, and in the spotlight, you say the shiniest one.

2. Floral shark clips, Instagram-lit and sunny, will instantly whet your holiday cravings.

3. While the lace shark clip is full of gentle luster, it also has a sense of mystery. It is small and fresh when paired with plain white.

4. High saturation of black and coffee shark clips, eye-catching and chic, with your regular shape, have become a soul, with some casual daily t-shirts, white shirts, very simple can help each other out of common sense of fashion.




Choosing a good ring is a bonus point of the shape, which can increase the overall sense of layers and reflect a person's taste from the details. Jeweled rings are always the ladies' favorite, and the rings show the most temperament without hindering their own activities.

I would like to recommend a few classic beautiful rings to you, these rings are simple and generous design, very suitable for girls summer wear oh!


1. Heart-shaped ring. The gold ring has a cut-out design and is small and delicate enough to go with any outfit.

2. Circular letter ring. Simple and not monotonous, elegant with expensive gas, is your summer must.

3. Double ring around the ring. This ring has a great sense of design, style and uniqueness.

4. Wear a diamond ring. The biggest highlight of this ring is this square diamond, play a role in modifying the hand shape, thin and exquisite.



I read vogue magazine recently, blogger of star of a lot of Europe and America, fashion is on wear headgear, besides ring, necklace, ring, bracelet, hand ring, in the place of ankle still much anklet.

Different colors and materials of the anklet will send out different aesthetic feeling, with a pair of short socks or bare feet, can play the role of modifying the foot shape. Let's take a look!


1. Metal style. This ankle bracelet can be worn with different shoes to make your feet look super beautiful.

2. Pendants style. The bright color of this anklet, childlike fun, with a pair of high heels, instantly the whole person is lively.

3. Fold and wear styles. Wear the anklet with two similar colors and different designs on the foot together, with dyed-in-the-wood personality.

4. Weave style. It is very suitable for the anklet of sandals, which is full of atmosphere.


How's that Do you have any of the above jewelry heart? These are all good things I bought at Wholesale Jewelry. All the designs are unique and the quality is very good. And wholesale prices are low, so you don't have to struggle over several pieces, because you can buy each one. Heart is not as good as action, hurry to choose your favorite!