The Newest Guide to Buy an SHR Laser Hair Removal Machine
The Newest Guide to Buy an SHR Laser Hair Removal Machine
The SHR laser hair removal machine is now an inaccessible part of life. Versatile, effective and cheap, many people want to buy one.

The Newest Guide to Buy an SHR Laser Hair Removal Machine

The SHR laser hair removal machine is now an inaccessible part of life. Versatile, effective and cheap, many people want to buy one. But they don't know how to choose. On the market, there are many SHR machines and their prices can range from $2500 ~ $10000. Why is there such a huge price difference between machines? This article helps you choose a suitable hair removal machine.

What is SHR hair removal technology?

Short for Super Hair Removal, SHR is the updated version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), with faster efficacy and more working manners in virtue of Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT). And SHR is based on the Selective Light Absorption principle, Pyrolysis of Light and Biological Stimulation principle.

This OPT Technology is a major leap forward in photo-rejuvenation technology and greatly expands the range of applications for IPL technology. Compared with traditional photo-rejuvenation technology, it offers superior efficacy and safety in hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

How does SHR technology work?

SHR OPT technology only uses 50% energy to gradually heat hair follicles for permanent hair removal. And the remaining 50% of energy is absorbed into the stem cells for hair production. This is why SHR hair reduction result is painless and safer.

The IPL SHR OPT hair removal is a safe, effective and permanent form of hair removal. More and more people are choosing SHR.

How to buy an SHR hair removal machine?

A high-quality SHR laser hair removal machine needs to have the following points:

  • Stable spectrum

A stable spectrum that does not change over time. So,  users can predict the outcome of treatment according to this feature.

However, unstable spectra, with a greater chance of side effects due to fluctuations in the number of spectra over a shorter period.

  • Rectangular pulses, Smooth and uniform energy output

It precisely controls the energy of each pulse and sub-pulse without attenuation on our skin. Therefore, this results in perfect pulse energy. This eliminates the technical disadvantage of the high energy peaks of the first pulses of E-Light and IPL devices, which are decayed one by one.

  • Effective for all hair types and skin types

Most SHR hair removal machines on the market are only effective on light hair and skin types. However, the BESTVIEW SHR  machine is equipped with special filters, so that these wavelengths are also friendly to dark hair, even tanned skin.

  • Multifunctional filters

The SHR is equipped with unique filters that allow only the desired wavelength to pass through and act on the surface of the skin.

Meanwhile, the new filter is designed to be used for a variety of indications, greatly satisfying the therapeutic needs of patients.

  • Skin Cooling System

The Sapphire Skin Cooling System maintains the cooling temperature at the point of contact, effectively ensuring the comfort and safety of the treatment.

 This skin cooling system reduces the temperature of the surrounding and target tissues to allow for safe treatment.

  • Speedy hair removal, frequency up to 10Hz.

Running time is extremely important for doctors. Fast treatment not only meets the requirements of the patient but also allows the doctor to treat more patients. 10Hz frequency is very fast, which saves running time and allows for fast treatment results.

What’s the cost of the SHR machine?

One IPL SHR machine usually can sell for $2500 ~ $10000 on the market. Of course, their therapeutic effects and user experience are not the same in practice. Even if their appearances are not very different.

BESTVIEW was founded in 1997 and has been developing laser hair removal machines for over 10 years. Several high-quality hair removal machines have been developed, such as SHR laser hair removalthree-wavelength laser hair removal1200W cooling hair removal, long-pulsed 1064nm ND.YAG laser, etc. And they are all FDA supported.

BESTVIEW SHR laser hair removal, not only does it have all the features of a high-quality SHR as described above, but it is also much cheaper than on the market. Feel free to ask for a quote!

BESTVIEW SHR hair removal treatments:

  • Permanent hair removal: Long term hair removal, hair on all parts of the body (hair in active growth phase), including small light coloured hairs.
  • Spot Removal: To remove freckles, sun spots, age spots, acne marks and facial blemishes.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Improves the appearance of large pores, rough skin, dullness, fairness, even skin tone and elasticity
  • Acne treatment: acne, acne marks.
  • Improves dilation of fine blood vessels: Redness, facial flushing, skin tones.

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What is the cost of SHR treatments?

There are many factors that affect the cost of SHR treatments:

1.  The cost of shr laser hair removal is related to the candidate’s factors.

Each user’s situation is different such as the area to be treated and the degree of hair density is different. Of course, the number of treatments required will vary. Therefore, there is a difference in the price of treatment. This is why personal factors are also an important determining aspect of how much the price is.

2. Hair removal equipment related

The equipment used for ice point laser hair removal varies from one qualified plastic surgery clinic to another.

In general, professional hospitals use international advanced equipment to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Therefore, the price of ice point laser hair removal will be a little higher than that of a normal hospital.

3. Related to hospital specialists

The physicians at the regular professional hospitals are highly trained and have a wealth of clinical experience. The results and safety of laser hair removal are also more guaranteed when performing shr treatments.

According to several market surveys in Europe, the following data are available:

  • Upper Cheeks (above beard line) €40 per treatment.
  • Upper Cheeks (above beard line) €200 for 6 treatments.
  • Full Beard incl Neck €450 for 6 treatments.
  • Chest and Stomach €750 for 6 treatments.

In a word, a high-quality hair removal machine is well worth having. Everyone tries to contact the big suppliers with FDA approval like BESTVIEW. Quality and service will be better guaranteed.