Facility Management is Building and Space Management in United Kingdom
Facility Management is Building and Space Management in United Kingdom
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Facility management is the management of physical facilities including buildings, property and equipment. It includes the planning, management and operation of buildings and fields such as offices, schools, hospitals and retail locations. Facility management is an integral part of any organization that wants to manage efficiently and effectively. It enables facilities management companies to meet the needs of their customers and employees, which helps improve productivity and profitability.


Facility management is the process of overseeing, planning and directing an organization's physical facilities. Facilities management professionals are responsible for coordinating and managing an organization's building, ground and equipment requirements to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for employees and visitors. They ensure that the building is properly maintained, that facilities such as elevators and lighting are in good working order and that the building is safe and accessible to all. They oversee the collection, maintenance and repair of building-related equipment such as boilers and air conditioning systems, and they plan and implement improvements in physical facilities. Facility management professionals provide services to keep the building running and provide a safe, clean environment for employees, customers and the public. They also maintain the condition of buildings, grounds and other facilities such as parking lots and roads. They often work closely with architects and engineers to ensure that the building and facilities meet the needs of the company.


Facility management is the management of buildings, grounds and related infrastructure at a facility or campus level to provide a safe, comfortable, and productive environment for employees, visitors, and customers. Facility management professionals help keep facilities running smoothly and efficiently and keep them in good condition and repaired. They help ensure that the facilities meet the needs of the organization and that they are energy efficient and well lit. They are responsible for ensuring that the building systems are ready for the next job or assignment, and that they are clean and ready for the next job or assignment.


Facility management is building and space management, including custodial services, building maintenance, building repair and maintenance, and other facilities related services. Facility management professionals work in a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, retail and government. They often work in partnership with architects, engineers and other professionals to ensure that buildings are well designed and functional. They also manage the day-to-day activities of the building, such as ensuring that lights and heat are turned on when needed, fixing broken elevators and keeping hallways and stairs clean.


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