Why Digital Teacher is a better option when compared with Byju’s?
Why Digital Teacher is a better option when compared with Byju’s?
Why Digital Teacher is a better option when compared with Byju’s? Byju’s costs. RS. 30,000+ and Digital Teacher costsRs. 1,500 PER STUDENT. The content in Byju’s App matches only 60% with Andra Pradesh and Telangana syllabus, whereas Digital Teacher App content matches 100 % with the syllabus of bot

  • Byju’s costs. RS. 30,000+ and Digital Teacher costsRs. 1,500 PER STUDENT. 
  • The content in Byju’s App matches only 60% with Andra Pradesh and Telangana syllabus, whereas Digital Teacher App content matches 100 % with the syllabus of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 
  • English is one of the most important subjects for us. Byju’s doesn’t include content for English and Social Studies subjects. Byju’ssubscribers have to purchase another App for Social studies and English.
  • Digital Teacher has Maths, Biology, Physical Science, Social studies, & English.
  • Both Byju’s and Digital Teacher use the same technology (Content Delivery Network) to deliver the content, which is also used by Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

             Digital Teacher’s Experience in handling Content development

      • Digital Teacher Content is being used in 7500 Schools in AP and Telangana since 2013.
      • Company serves 35 + Universities and 100 + corporate content.
      • Company also services the learning needs of Indian Armed Forces (Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force)

  • In the last 7 Years, we have served several Schools (7,500)and completed more than 1,00,000 installations in all the classrooms of 7,500 schools.
  • During this pandemic situation, students’ need a learning App to strengthen their understanding, as online class might leave some gap in understanding the concept.
  • Digital Teacher bridges the gap of understanding the concepts.

1.    Technology - Content Delivery NetworkYESYESCDN technology used for Netflix, Amazon prime etc to handle video streaming
2.    High-end graphics, Animations, real-time imagesYESYES 
3.    English Voice over  /Neutral AccentYESYES 
4.    Available as App and Desktop versionYESYES 
10.                 Teacher standing and explaining like classroom.YESNOOur content is self-explanatory. Teacher need not present in video to explain. Our Animations, graphics explain the concept
11.                 CBSE/AP/TSYESYES 
12.                 Syllabus Matching with TS board60%100 % 
13.                 Syllabus Matching with AP Board60 %100% 
14.                 Syllabus Matching with CBSE Board90%100% 
15.                 Experience in Serving Universities035Company is Empaneled Vendor for developing courseware for almost 35 + universities 
16.                 Serving Schools07500 +Digital teacher is serving 7,500 Schools presently.
17.                 Cost30,000 -35,000( 25 Times More)1,200Lenova 7/10Inches Tab is 10,000 – 12 K in market.35,000 includes Tab cost of 10,000 + content cost of 25,000


“Technology will never replace the teacher, but technology in the hands of teachers is transformational” is a Philosophy Digital Teacher has always worked with. 

We are aware that the change is inevitable and the pace with which the change is happening is really baffling. 

 We are unsure when and how long will this situation prevail. Having said that, it will be unfair to keep the children away from learning. 

Let us together make our children future ready by making them quick learners and smart adapters.

After talking to various schools’ administrations we found 2 major challenges 

1) Conducting online classes /live classes and Technology Selection (Schools) 

 2) Fortifying the understanding ability of students (Students) 

Challenge 1 - Conducting online Classes/Live classes Problems: 

1) There are many live classroom Apps available in the market which are premium /paid and expensive too. 

2) They only provide platform /software and your teacher has to use that platform and teach on his/her own. Handling software itself is a big task for teacher. 

3) Teacher has to face camera and teach using whiteboard and marker only. It’s a teacher’s show, hence there is no help from Online learning App in teaching. 

4) If you want all the recordings to be made available to all the students all the time, any learning App requires heavy storage and bandwidth so the App vendors will have to charge more from you for that facility. 

 5) Paid Live classroom softwaresdon’t give any cutting-edge or add value to teacher to deliver a lecture. 6) Teachers must have Power Point to teach /deliver the lessons instead of using black board and chalk. Online software vendors don’t have Content, because their prime business is selling platform/Live classroom software. 


 1) Due to the pandemic all-around, it’s better to invest as less money as possible. 

 2) Google Classroom, Microsoft Team, ZOOM, BigBlueButton, BlueJeansare a few freely available online live classroom handling tools, and have proven performance.All these tools are almost FREE and very well support screen sharing. 

 3) “Screen share” means, a teacher can teach and also share his/her computer screen/power point etc, so that teacher and PPT will be visible to students. 

 4) Let your teacher take the class as usual using the above free software, and install our Digital Teacher software in the system and “Screen Share” the Digital Teacher Software to students. 

 5) Using the Digital Teacher content, teacher can deliver the class. If required, teacher can play the content with Audio and mute the audio and teacher can talk. 

 6) Digital teacher has the facility to play, pause, mute, etc so that, the teacher can use Digital Teacher software as Instructor Lead Training material. 

 7) Students can see the “Teacher” in the software window as well as watch the animated content being played by the teacher so that the greater knowledge retention is achieved. 

 8) The teacher also saves time by skipping drawings and writing on a blackboard. 

Challenge 2  : Fortifying the understanding ability of students Problem

1) Live classroom learning has now been very challenging across the globe, not just in India. 

2) In our office, when we have Zoom Meetings with clients, our staff who are between the age group of 25 and 40 can’t comprehend the client’s conversation as the way they understand in “One to One” physical meeting. 

3) We can’t expect children below 16 years to understand the concepts on Video-based meetings. 

4) Student’s understanding level comprehending level will be far lower than actual physical class. 

5) Students with average and below-average understanding levels face challenges in memorizing concepts 

6) In a physical class, there are mostly no disturbances and students can focus only on Teacher and Blackboard, and also Teacher can see whether students are attentive or not and can control the complete classroom. 

7) In an online class, neither the teacher can fully see the class and monitor nor can a student focus on what’s being delivered by the teacher on the small screen. 

8) Moreover, technological hindrances such as power failures, internet issues, students seating in the house, availability of devices and other home distractions will affect the quality of the learning. 

9) But the fact is, we don’t have any alternative source of reaching students. Hence we need to depend mandatorily on platforms such as ZOOM, Google Classroom, MS Teams etc. 


1) Student should have the flexibility to learn @HOME, Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device. 

 2) To address these challenges, Digital Teacher has introduced Digital Teacher CANVAS, a student-centric Learning Platform. 

 3) You can recommend your students to subscribe the Student Version of Digital teacher Learning App available in the play store for 2499 per class. 

 4) If you want your own Learning APP with Your SCHOOL Brand on App, then we will provide you your own branded learning APP for a minimum of 500 Students. 

 5) Cost per student /login is only 729 per one academic year 



Empowering Teachers by letting them use this Smart Class Room while teaching students. SHARING SMART CLASS SCREEN TO STUDENTS IN LIVE CLASS 

DIGITAL TEACHER CANVAS 2020 – Student Learning Platform /Learning App 

Empowers students and allows them to see Digital Content at their feasible time, place, and device.