What are the Characteristics of articles & essays?
What are the Characteristics of articles & essays?
Description is what makes the reader a sensory participant in the story." --Stephen King Stephen King wrote about description in stories.

What are the Characteristics of articles & essays?

1. Format Essays and essays have write my essay online the same writing style, i.e. they are structured, consisting of three main parts: an introduction, body, and conclusion or ending. Titles or titles may be the same or similar. The news that presents a story or event. that actually happened The essence of the news lies in the preamble, which is the first paragraph of news writing.

2. Purpose The article is written to offer an opinion on the subject. or event.The essay section is written solely to express knowledge about that topic.

3. Plot The topic of the article must be up-to-date. in time in the interest of the reader at that time Only a week or so has passed and it may be outdated. essay part can bring up any matter, both concrete and abstract, to write and the same topic Writing at any time is not considered obsolete. But news only lasts for 24 hours. If it’s a day or two late in the news, it’s no longer interesting.

4. Writing Method An essay is written in a simple, non-exciting manner, which is different from the method of writing an article that requires reading rhetoric. think according to the story Journalism has to answer 5 questions: who, what, where, when and why. It’s really what happened at the time. Write short, straightforward, without the author’s opinion. No news author Use a language that can be read by all classes.

Which statements indicate the mood and inclinations of the author?

Type of article

Articles are divided best Assignment writing service into two main categories: Formal Essay and Informal Essay. The author wants to explain one of the important knowledge. Regardless of the use of rhetoric or the enjoyment of the reader. Because it assumes that the reader needs more intelligence than fun. As for the articles Although the author intends to educate the reader with some ideas. but must be considered secondary purpose Because the reader of the article must enjoy the preliminary enjoyment. Some writers may write articles that are relevant while being entertained.

1. Comment articles It is an article that the author has brought up the problems in that society to write, there are both public and personal problems. The common problem is economic problems.Education, politics, government, etc., personal problems such as crime prevention self security Life insurance, etc. Sometimes the author may write in response to articles written by others to express opinions in one way or another. Conflicting issues tend to have two distinct concepts, one that is acceptable and an argumentative opinion

2. Interview type articles It is an article that expresses a person’s thoughts on a particular subject. The author of the article should know how to choose the person to be interviewed, for example, prominent, famous, proficient. Or have a good understanding of what we’re going to write, including interviews with the Prime Minister about measures to drive immigrants from Vietnam and Cambodia. Interview with the Minister of Finance About VAT Collection Policy Interview with women fashion experts about the current trends in Thai women’s dress, etc. Selection of interviews with people who have expertise in our subject matter.

3. Semi-biographical articles They are similar to different interview articles in the sense that the interview article wants to express a person’s opinion. about a particular subject, while a semi-biographical article wants to show a story about the person being interviewed. Instead of focusing on autobiography, instead focusing on talents and special qualities that made him suffer. The success is greater than the average person. He has methods and principles for living. as well as how to behave Biography is the second most important thing.

4. Knowledge articles It is an article that educates about a particular subject. or explaining how to do something In writing, choose a subject that attracts attention. and readers can Easy to understand and follow The topics that will be chosen to write are extensive, for example, it is related to the 4 factors such as how to cook savory dishes. How to sew clothes, gardening, kitchen, etc.

5. Articles of the type that give an idea, persuade or encourage one to act. The author may write honestly. or can be written in a metaphor Metaphorical writing is about something else. tied into a continuous story The entire text represents an idea that the reader wants to know, for example, about a herd of animals. In the past, they used to live happily and in harmony with each other. Afterwards, they quarreled and quarreled and moved elsewhere, and soon the beasts were all harassed by other herds.

6. Articles in the type of tourism report If going to a new place no one has been before It will arouse the interest of the readers better. The plot, in addition to talking about the story, travel, topography. And the beauty of the place, it may also insert tips such as errors, suggestions for convenience. Places that should not be missed, some ideas about places that the author thinks there should be, etc. These tips will help to make the story more interesting to read.

7. Critical Articles The author must consider the facts. The nature and features of the story will be thoroughly criticized. based on academic principles Reasons or facts decide professional Report Writing uk whether it’s good or not. Should or shouldn’t? This review article can be divided into three subcategories.