Vector Algebra Class 12 Maths IIT JEE Mains
Vector Algebra Class 12 Maths IIT JEE Mains
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In this self study course, you will learn vectors and scalars, magnitude and direction of a vector.Direction cosines and direction ratios of a vector. Types of vectors (equal, unit, zero, parallel and collinear vectors), position vector of a point, negative of a vector, components of a vector, addition of vectors, multiplication of a vector by a scalar, position vector of a point dividing a line segment in a given ratio. Definition, Geometrical Interpretation, properties and application of scalar (dot) product of vectors, vector (cross) product of vectors including basics to advance level concepts, NCERT Solutions, R.D Sharma, R.S Aggarwal, Important Examples from the boards point of view for NCERT Chapter 10 Vector Algebra Class 12 Maths IIT JEE Mains.

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Lecture -1 Vector Algebra Class 12 Maths Chapter 10

NCERT Exercise 10.1 Vector Algebra Class 12 Maths 

NCERT Exercise 10.2 Vector Algebra Class 12 Maths

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