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Essays are a very important genre. What is an essay and how to write an essay in English The answer to the question is given in this guide.  

This is a guide that talks about what an essay should contain, the characteristics of the essay, the genre of the essay, and how to write an essay in English . 

What is an essay?

An essay is a genre in which you research, ask questions, reflect, and comment on a topic. The goal is to make the reader think, and the author expresses his thoughts. You can associate and use your own views and personal experiences to shed light on a problem.   

The essay does not come close to the final conclusion, as is the case with other types of assignments. The author does not argue openly, but enters into a dialogue with the reader. The goal is to open the subject for further thought.  

A good essay introduces, explores, and reflects on a topic and has a specific focus. It shows understanding and comprehension of the dissertation text and draws it accordingly to illuminate the dissertation topic. 

The essay also includes your own thoughts and views on other relevant material, such as other texts from the curriculum, from the media, or from literature.

Usually, there are not as many reproductions of the dissertation text in an essay as in other types of dissertations in an English-language subject. Some citations may be included, but they must be correctly selected and relevant to the topic of the dissertation.  

Example essay

According to the statements of professional essay writers Essays in schools are written on the basis of text or one or several pictures. Examples of essays that were given as assignments in previous exams: "Write an essay about love and passion", "The place of a child in the world of adults", "Write an essay about our royal house."  

You can choose the structure and order of the text, but you should avoid meaningless conversation. It is important to have a plan and explain, evaluate or discuss the topic in a simple way, based on the texts / pictures that are attached to the assignment. Regardless of the topic of your dissertation, you can build and structure your text in the following way.  

Characteristics of the essay

When writing an essay in English , you should think about a specific problem in accordance with the topic and material in the thesis text. In these reflections, you should look at the topic from several angles and present the points of view that represent each of them. 

The essay does not require deep analysis of text or images. They should only be included in the processing of a general topic, as described in the thesis statement. Although the problem statement in the essay is more open than in other types of problems, it is important that it be answered.  

 It is necessary to present arguments and reflections on the general topic outlined in the text material. The reasoning in the essay will be used to look at the topic from different angles. In an essay, the requirement of neutrality and balance is not applied in the same way as in the article genre, and one thing can be personal. But you shouldn't be fat; there must be a miracle in the text. The essay should not start or end with the words “I mean ...”, “I think ...”, “It shows that ...” Alternatively, you can include questions.     

Stay away from processing texts

In the main body of the essay, it is important to keep some distance from the material presented. As I said, the material should be mentioned and included in one way or another, but not reproduce it too much and not come close to the text. 

It is necessary, so to speak, to rise above the material, but still take it as a starting point. The text and its topic will be presented and used as a starting point for reflection on the topic. Thus, the main content is not the actual content of the dissertation text, but the considerations arising from it. Reflective style is central to the essay genre in English .   

The essay is allowed to be creative.

The essay does not have to advance solely within the subject matter. This means that you can easily view a dissertation topic from a perspective that is not directly related to the curriculum You can include current media coverage, socially significant topics, or historical events related to the topic. This allows for creative use of the text and the demonstration of independent observations. Using other materials of your choice shows that you have an understanding and ability to put things in perspective and see the connections between different types of materials.    

But the material you choose should be relevant and lead to a deeper understanding of the chosen angle and the main idea. It should be naturally related to other components included in the dissertation and contribute to the expansion of the dissertation abstraction. 

Achieving a high level of abstraction is a key goal when writing an essay. A high level of abstraction is manifested in the ability to rise above the text and view the subject from a broader perspective. 

Essay language

The language must have artistic qualities. Just like trying thoughts, one can successfully learn a language. Linguistic tools from other genres, such as repetition, contrast, and images, are good to use in an essay. Humor and irony are typical tools.   

Essay genre features

An essay on the English language - a special genre. It is named after French writer Michel de Montaigne's book Les Essais (The Trial), published in 1580.    

By tradition, essays are an intermediate genre at the intersection of fiction and scientific literature. The essay takes the reader on a thought journey and tries out new thoughts, ideas, and reasoning without coming to a firm conclusion. The text is written as a subjective train of thought that addresses the topic, goes into various detours, and then absorbs itself again. Own thoughts are tested. Whims and reflections fit into the text. The goal is to shed light on the topic, not present the truth.     

Essay types

In Europe, there has always been a clear distinction between the two types of essays; personal essays and scissors essays. In a school context, it is assumed that the text of the personal essay will be written  

A personal essay is written in an independent form and is often based on the author's own personal experience and subjective reflections. However, the author does not have the role of a private person, and personal experience is not an end in itself. The purpose of the essay is to provoke thought, and the author is happy to enter into a discussion with himself and the reader. To illuminate the subject, the text draws on its own experience, and the author's task is to be a knowledgeable communicator.   

A situational essay is also called a formal essay or scientific essay. Here the author himself fades into the background, and puts the body itself in the center. This is a popular science text, and the actual argumentation takes up a lot of space. Over time, the form of presentation in a thematic essay more and more approached a scientific article, with stricter requirements for citing sources and impersonal use of language.   

Essays and Koseri

Many features of essays and kaseri are similar. Both are personal, both play with the topic and are subjective about it, and both emphasize the conscious and careful use of language. 

The most important difference between essays and kaseri , as noted by freeessaywriters, is that kaseri is primarily an oral genre in which text is intended to be read aloud and entertaining. The approach is often humorous and often ironic or satirical. Oral expressions and incomplete sentences can be used as tools.   

On the other hand, an essay has always been a written text. The essay deals with the subject more thoroughly and philosophically than the coseri The presentation focuses on images, comparisons and contrasts. Linguistic tools are used to create strength and drive in production. An essay is in many ways a cross between a coseri and an article.