Automate your School Administration with School ERP Software
Automate your School Administration with School ERP Software

The School Management ERP System helps in creating a platform that makes it easy for schools and education institutes to manage their data. They offer an effective way of delivering classroom learning by automating the critical processes involved. Two decades-old leading school ERP Software and service provider Entab's vision statement is "TO PROVIDE PATH BREAKING SOLUTIONS TO SCHOOLS TO INNOVATE -AUTOMATE -EMPOWER THEMSELVES TO TRANSFORM FROM GOOD TO BEST".

Entab's CampusCare is a pioneer in school management software that simplifies the complexities faced in everyday school operations. It offers innovative solutions to automate the academic, administrative and financial management processes of an institute. It is currently being used by 1500+ educational institutions all over India to transform the way their school's function. With its simple yet robust platform, it connects all the school departments. School software enables to automate critical academic life cycle process right from the issuing of admission forms to issuing transfer certificate to students. The perfect solution for all the school's administrative needs, it digitalises and automates all the academic and administrative activities of an institution.

School Management ERP software plays a pivotal role in the improvement and development of an educational institution. It can handle any volume of information by automating it, no matter the size of the institution. ERP Software empowers the school administrators to monitor all the activities of the school. Effective monitoring of the functioning of the school help in managing the resources judiciously. Top management can access various reports and graphs to get the complete picture making it easier to deal with the concern at hand. Communication tools can assist schools in sharing important news quickly on users smartphones through SMS or Push Notifications.


3 Major factor for introducing School ERP Software in your school

Boost Productivity

The school management system boosts the output of the institution by innovating the processes and by automating the day to day tasks. The reason for the boost in productivity is the decreased time to manage administrative tasks. Better time management enables the administrator to focus on the academic task; freeing them to provide the vital support to impart wholesome education to its students to make them a model citizen of the country.

Good use of the resources

Automated staff attendance and payroll management can help in planning classroom activity/roster efficiently. Inventory management helps authorities to keep check of various items in use at the school. A cloud-based ERP enables the concerned person to check the availability at the touch of a button anytime anywhere. Administrators can now have an insight into all the operations carried out in real-time, which in turn helps in better supervision and cost-effectiveness. 

Student-Teacher Collaboration

Online study resources could be shared through this medium to make a topic more interesting and content-rich. It automates the seamless flow of information between school administrators, teachers, and parents through state-of-the-art solutions that provide convenience and efficiency. Using the cloud-based ERP software tool, teachers can monitor the student's progress and tailor their lectures accordingly. Issuing crucial documents like the report card, transfer certificate etc. can be easily managed. 

ERP software services in India with unparalleled technical support would be ideal for school management. This tech consultancy enables better client servicing and to customise the results as per the school requirements. A management solution that allows you to gain more insight into data across your departments. Security of data is a key aspect of today's data-driven world; where big corporations are convinced that data is the new oil. Top school management systems must ensure that data is secure. Schools collect a lot of personal information for their records which if leaked in the public domain can do a lot of harm. Popular ERP software offers the highest level of security to its clients. School management software offers the ability to interlink to all of your schools. A school-centric approach has been fruitful in the development of school management ERP software and is transforming good schools into the best schools.