Why everyone should switch on to solar Panels?
Why everyone should switch on to solar Panels?


How does Solar Panel Work?

The DC power is produced by the solar panel throughout the day every time when sufficient solar radiation is available. This DC power is increased by a MPPT Charge Controller unit. Element of it is straight fed to an AC load though a charge controller (DC to DC converter) and an inverter, while the left over power is fed all the way through the charge controller to the battery bank and stored. It is withdrawn from the battery bank when needed and fed to the DC-DC converter. The DC-DC converter is in turn connected to an inverter and the resultant AC power is connected to the load.

In simple words the job of Solar Panel is to absorb the sun's rays and convert them into electricity. A solar panel is in fact a set of solar cells, which can be used to produce electricity during photovoltaic effect. These panels are very strong. Generally solar panels are made-up by using crystalline silicon solar cells.


What is Mini solar panel?

Mini solar panels are usually used for small off grid solar system, as like their name mini solar panels are extremely small panels and for that reason can be used for small applications. . They are used to power equipments such as radios, cameras, flashlights and watches .Some applications, such as in cell phones and laptops. Basically they are excellent for devices that do not consume much enery.

A classic mini solar panel can create between 0.06 and 4 watts of electric power. Mini solar panels are super convenient too.

How much does Mini solar panel cost?

Mini Solar panel price is around Rs600 to 4000.You can get 10 waatt,20 watt,40 watt and 50 watt  solar panel at best price.


What’s the price of 1kW Solar Panel?

 1kW Solar System cost is approx. Rs. 98,000 in India. 1kW Solar Panel system will helps you to run all your power equipment straight from the sun. It is very helpful for places where power cuts are normal.


Do you know about the  best Solar panel manufacture company?

You can find a variety of solar panels as per the requirement of your area. Loom solar is making word class Solar Panels in India. You can surely check out Loom Solar, a manufacture of solar panels and lithium batteries based out at Faridabad.


How Solar Power is important for your Home?

Using solar power contributes to a much cleaner air. By installing solar panel for home, you’ll be taking advantage of an eco-friendly way to make your house more energy-proficient as solar power is totally hygienic; it produces neither air pollution, neither  water pollution and no greenhouse gas effects

 It is furthermore carbon-free; no unsafe emissions are released when electricity is being produced by solar panels. It saves your electricity bill and will save your money too, as it has low maintenance cost with an easy installation procedure.

 Nowadays people are becoming more aware about things such as how necessary it is to reduce the amount of pollution in the air. There’s no doubt that this is both good for our wellbeing and for the atmosphere.


Why Industrial solar panels are in trend?

Liable businesses are looking for sustainable alternatives, to diminish their energy costs.

Solar power gives a good return on investment through the use of un-utilized rooftop space and requires minimal maintenance. Every bit of this has a positive impact on your savings and even higher impact on the atmosphere. Industrial l solar panels systems that have a lifespan of 15-20 years and need little safeguarding.

When it comes to industrial solar rooftop, Loom Solar takes the lead with its best quality Solar Panels. Investment in Loom Solar industrial rooftop solution ensures return on investment by dropping your electricity bills. Loom Solar modified rooftop solutions have helped various industrial, commercial and institutional consumers.


What is the price of bifacial solar panel?

 Bifacial solar panels can be a great investment for your home as they have two faces, front and rear, to gather more sun rays and come with longer warranty period. Bifacial solar panels are useful even on cloudy days.


Which companies considered as Top solar companies in India?

Source: WARREE

The companies that are said to be best solar companies are mentioned below _

1 Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd

2 Tata Power Solar

3 Icomm Tele Ltd

4 Waaree Energies Ltd

5 Tata Power Solar systems

6 Vikram Solar

7 Microtek Solar Solutions


9 RenewSys Solar

1o Moser Baer Solar Ltd


How much does it cost to clean Solar panel?


It is really important to clean your solar panel after a certain period of time so that no dirt would stick on it and cleaning also provides long life. The maintenance charge of solar panel is near to zero or a few hundred rupees a year.