Romantic ideas for the bedroom – Valentines DIY Decor
Romantic ideas for the bedroom – Valentines DIY Decor
Check these valentine decoration ideas to personalize your bedroom for the occasion to make your partner feel they are special and cherished.

Romantic ideas for the bedroom – Valentines DIY Decor


It’s that time of the month when love is in the air. Make the most out of it by designing your bedroom into a cozy haven with mood lightings, scented candles and more.

Surprise your partner with a dinner date, gifts, deep conversations and romantic night. When it comes to bedrooms, there are tons of valentine decoration ideas that you can accomplish but it depends on what kind of décor you and your partner enjoys; there are people who enjoy lavish decorations while others prefer minimalistic décor. The key is staying true to yourself and your tastes. With so many options to choose from, creating a romantic bedroom is easier than you think.


The bed is one of the most important elements and a natural focal point in any bedroom design. Since the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the room, the bedding set can have a massive influence on the style and mood of the room. To create an easy Valentine's Day décor, use red and white as these are the colors of the day. You can use white bedding set with a red duvet cover and heart-shaped decorative pillow cases to set the mood right.

A room's mood and atmosphere are influenced by the lighting in it. You have to keep the light perfectly balanced, it should not be too bright nor too dark. Choose a soft, muted color scheme that will set the mood.


Candles come in a variety of colors and shapes: some like scented candles, others like floating ones, and some prefer ones in candlesticks. While scented candles are a sure shot way of setting the mood right, you can choose from a lot of options available in the market - rose scented candle and lavender scented candle are a great options to indulge your senses 



Bedroom decoration with rose petals and candles is among the most popular ideas because it does not require much time or preparation.  All you have to do is sprinkle fresh petals on the bed and place scented/unscented candles on the bedside tables and around the bed. The decor will be even more memorable if you add a bouquet of fresh flowers.

A fun way of adding playfulness in your bedroom is by filling your room with colorful balloons.

On Valentine's Day, music will also help you create the perfect romantic ambience. To make the music feel close to the heart play songs that you both love and can relate to. You'll surely enjoy a quiet melody during this special occasion because music is an art to the ears, it makes your mind revisit the affectionate moments.


Often the simplest solutions work best, so this valentine’s day go easy with preparation and try these super sweet and easy tips to change your bedroom into a special romantic room filled with joy. Once you've decorated your bedroom for Valentine's Day, all that remains is to pop the champagne!