Reasons to Backup G Suite Mailboxes
Reasons to Backup G Suite Mailboxes
In this blog post, we will describe the reason and solution for backup G Suite mailboxes.

In the current technical era, some entities still believe that there is no need to backup G Suite mailboxes as they thinks that Google will take care of all the data, and if something happens, they will be responsible.

However, Google has already stated that users are solely responsible for their data.

So what does it mean?   

It means that users must regularly back up their data to avoid future mishaps. This blog will provide reasons which clear doubts of many users about the importance of backup G Suite data regularly. Along with this information, we will also inform you about the solution for the backup of the data of the user's G Suite account.

Why is it important to take G Suite data backup?

If we take an example of today's scenario, data is one of the essential assets for all companies. No matter how strong the organization implements the security tools, there is an increase in a report of cyber security threats. So, in the same way, the user also needs to regularly backup G Suite mailboxes periodically to eliminate the risk of losing data. We have prepared a list of all situations which can put the user's G Suite data at risk:

  1. Accidental Data Deletion: It is one of the common reasons for losing the G Suite mailboxes data. So having a high frequency of unintentional data deletion, it is a wise step to make a backup copy of all data locally.
  2. Installing Software from Untrusted Sources: There are lots of untrusted websites running on the web. However, installing any application from there would have profound implications. Due to it, the user could suffer data losses.
  3. G Suite Account Login in Multiple Systems: Whenever the G Suite account login into more than one system, there will be a chance that due to other mistakes, the user needs to suffer data loss.
  4. Downtime of Cloud Server: Google has reported downtime for maintenance and other activities several times. But the, downtime can make operational losses for many companies due to data inaccessibility.
  5. Legal Compliances: An organization sometimes needs the data for auditing or legal purposes. Transferring the data to the concerned team is easier if the company has a copy of G Suite data in the local storage.

G Suite Backup Solution: 

Now, the question is how the user can create a backup of their G Suite account? A manual method to backup G Suite mailboxes has many limitations; hence we will not recommend implementing it. Alternatively, the ideal strategy is to use a professional G Suite backup suite.

Highly Advance Solution to backup Data of G Suite Mailboxes

We have discussed different scenarios when having a backup copy of the user G Suite account helps to overcome from difficult situations. Along with it, we have made you aware of the limitation of the manual backup method.

Considering everything, it becomes vital to backup G Suite mailboxes through some third-party backup solution. Many software over the web claims to be the perfect utility, but only a fewer of them work under all conditions. One of them is Shoviv G Suite backup tool which many IT professionals has recommended over the web.

This solution allows the backup of multiple user mailboxes with super administrative credentials. It cannot restrict adding large size user G Suite mailbox; the user can also take the backup of all of them periodically, which is possible through its backup scheduling option.

Using the tool, the user can even backup the selective data with the software filter option.


Irrespective of the advantage of data on the cloud server, the need for taking backup is essential. We have explained reasons to backup G Suite mailboxes at regular intervals and one professional solution. Users can test the software through their trial version, which will provide a clear picture of its performance to users.