Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom 2022
Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom 2022
Finding the perfect Christmas gift for mom can be tough. But, don't worry! We've got your back with these 17 holiday gift ideas for mom.

It’s never too early to start looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift. If your mom has a lot of expensive taste and she already has everything, buying her a luxurious stay at an exotic resort may be the perfect idea. Although there are a lot of gift ideas for moms, your mom has probably seen it all before, so you might have to give her something more special. Problem solved!

The best gift for Mom is a thoughtful one that expresses your love, understanding and appreciation. After some intel gathering & a little brainstorming, you should be able to come up with something she'll truly appreciate. You don't need to spend a ton of money, Mother's Day is just around the corner. A gift as simple as a pair of walking shoes for the walking enthusiast or a journal for helping her destress would be perfect, or you could do something creative like giving her makeup-related samples!

We're experts at thinking outside the box and can provide you with a gift that is sure to please your mom. Maybe not today, but something great will come, so just wait! There are many conversation starters in this issue of Curator, based on our distinctive and valuable archive of ideas. There is a silver lining to every cloud with inspiring viral stories and winning seasonal picks from your favorite retailers.

Isn’t an affordable gift a beautiful thing? This Holiday season, make sure you’re on top of the list with one of our quality ink pen sets. They go beyond just writing on paper and give your loved ones a gift they will love!

1. Custom House Portrait

Your mom loves what she does and it's never a coincidence that when you are feeling blue she will pull out her best watercolor drawings to cheer you up. If your mom is anything like mine you can appreciate the meaning behind an abstract piece of art, and there is one in front of every house whose coordinates are at the bottom.

2. Personalized Handwriting Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet is a perfect gift because not only can it personalize your handwriting with a wide variety of special looks, but it can also be made into an artful wearable piece. We love that there’s even a wide color range and how you can pick any metal to create a unique piece.

3. Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

Moms will love these one-of-a-kind cutting boards that feature her favorite handwritten recipe laser engraved onto them. She’ll use it for years to come and have a very special heirloom to pass down to her grandchildren.

4. Personal Concrete Fireplace

Mom will now be able to enjoy a personal fire pit in the comfort of her home. Whether she's using it for s'mores, or just adding some extra charm and personality to the living room, she can enjoy this one-of-a-kind gift today!

5. InBooze Sangria Infusion Kit

The kit includes everything you need to create a sangria that she'll love. It's great because you can consume it right away and still impress her with a romantic dinner. If she loves wine as much as she loves sangria, consider getting her hooked on your favorite red blend for the next date night.

6. Gardening Tote with Tools

Manicured lawn grass, the perfect design and that unimaginable beauty easily distinguish this garden tool set. The stainless steel construction ensures that they last a long time while the stunning geometric pattern makes it stand out. Plus, there's room for her other tools as well so she has everything she needs to take care of her flowers.

7. Back and Neck Massager

A lot of people have back pain, which is caused by stress. If your mom has a lot of it, a massage can help give her relief. The best way to relieve tension & pressure is through deep massages with the help of this device.

8. Live Life Kitchen Towels

Show your best friend how much you care by giving her these beautiful tea towels. They’re sure to make her smile every time she walks into the kitchen, and they’ll remind her that you’re thinking of her on a daily basis.

9. Custom Family Portrait with Pets

If your family photo session fell through, you'll be happy to know that there is a different option! We created this special service that allows us to create a beautifully illustrated portrait, which can be hung on your loved ones' walls for forever.

10. What I Love About Mom Book

Are you looking for a book of heartfelt missives about how much you love your mom? Well, look no further because this book does just that and will surely find a special place on her shelf and in her heart!

11. Mushroom Friends Bath Mat

This cheerful bathmat will add a welcome dose of color to even the most drab bathroom. You may be mom, but there are probably some few moms who would love to step out of the shower and onto something so whimsical as this colorful mat!

12. Palm Leaf Rounded Clutch

Next summer is still a long time away, but Mom could use a bag for the upcoming trip which is perfect for day-trips! This woven clutch has light fabric lining that matches her summer vacation wardrobe and will make for easy traveling.

13. Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio

Well, if Mom likes to spend her time sipping on champagne and then turning it into a different drink, she needs these sugar cubes. Make your own mimosa or bellini for dinner in just seconds with these handy gadgets!

14. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

It may not be her birthday, but she’ll appreciate helping you care for the flowers that symbolize her birthday. Maybe they should consider getting something to grow together so your betas can help nurture them?

15. Sentimental Throw Pillow Cover

Doesn't matter if your loved one is using the same items over and over; they'll love a personalized gift. This pillow is just one example of an item that's always popular!

16. Half Bo Ssäm Dinner

Whenever you want to gift a delicious meal that your loved one will love and appreciate, consider an NYC staple like Momofuku. They have some delectable meal kits with different flavors, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!

17. Planner

Your mom deserves the best that life has to offer, and a planner can be just the tool she needs to succeed. This top-rated planner offers space for motivation stickers designed by great artists, so your mom can design goals and be motivated every day.

18. Silicone Microwave Collapsible Popcorn Popper

Silicone Microwave Collapsible Popcorn Popper - Setting your microwave to the correct settings is key, as this device can handle different types of popcorn up to 1/2 lb. Who doesn't love the crunch of a fresh batch? She may also be excited about how this machine prevents her from eating too many unhealthy snacks and food items!