7 Frequent DIY website building issues users face
7 Frequent DIY website building issues users face
Common DIY website building issues extend to Lack of uniqueness, website extensibility, and SEO-friendliness alongside limited variations & customization options.

No website can come to life on World Wide Web before passing through the development process. That means web development is as necessary as Web Hosting & Domain. That being said, two common processes falling in the category of website erection are the Web Development Services and the DIY website builders(Do It Yourself). Despite the latter arising in trend is somehow in rumors to be problematic for the users. So let's shed some light on the potential DIY website building issues so that you can avoid them before you get stranded with them.

Let's dive in!

Less Website Extensibility & Bunch of restrictions in the web builders' free plans

The DIY process has free versions of website builders and themes at the core most of the time. It goes without saying that free plans have limitations that a website should abide by. It can be one or more of the website set up, functionality, compatibility, plugins, marketing, SEO, etc. For instance, you cannot install new and specific features. That, in return, restricts the opportunity to let the website grow not only in terms of size but in features, usability, and functionality.

Excessive & enforced Ads 

Also, the free plans and versions have the condition to display the respective brand ads. So what happens is that the website looks more like a billboard bombarded with irrelevant ads. Eventually, it not only looks bad but also affects the web site's reputation and user experience.

Many website owners do not like these ads lingering around their aesthetic website. However, they either have to keep going with these ads or switch to the premium version to get rid of them.

Absence of Uniqueness 

DIY website building issues also include the similar look of the websites. First, the free builders and themes do not offer many options and solutions, so individuals have to choose only what is available. Besides, non-geeks with less or no knowledge can't integrate the uniqueness at best, unlike a knowledgeable person might can. Therefore, this issue is pretty prevalent across the internet.

However, in case of  Ecommerce Website Development Services, you definitely know it better than being distinct from the rest, and especially your competitors are very necessary.

Mismatch Template to that of Business 

What is worse is that many websites are not consistent with their respective business core functioning, mission, values, etc. It is because some prefer aesthetics only while others look around for a level of ease. However, it only backfires the leads and sales. Obviously, what an expert can choose a template to use as the foundation of a website after thoroughly studying your niche and scale, you can't.

Limited Variations & Customization Options

Customization helps make a website tailored to the business exclusiveness. Unfortunately, there are very few variations and personalization opportunities for the themes and overall website.

Lack of SEO Friendliness 

The major one in the DIY website building issues is the troubles with SEO. Every website should have to implement it to be visible and rank high on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). However, the coding behind the scenes, themes, layout, functionality of the DIY website aren't SEO-friendly. 

Besides, the ads and limited functionality (said above) can't support the user experience necessary for SEO. Eventually, acquiring favorable SEO results becomes much difficult. With SEO being a necessity, many users have to upgrade to the premium versions.

Website Migration Problems 

When it comes the time that website owners want to migrate the website to another platform or even to a new web host, it seems back-wrecking. Due to the vulnerable backend and lack of the files and databases absolute backups, and powerful coding, they face many troubles. Not only the migration problems, but it also affects the website itself by losing any important file or feature.

That means unless you are an expert in website development, you can't capitalize on your website. Otherwise, it will influence the customer experience with the business and your brand image. In rare cases, if it works, the limitations in the free website builders prove to be the stumbling blocks in the website's performance.

So what is the quick fix to these common problems?

The absolute answer to cast aside these DIY website building issues before their occurrence is to hire Ecommerce Web Development Services from a skilled development company. The professional aura of the website can be built with skills only. Besides, quality web development will be at your disposal to get a unique, fast speed, functional eCommerce website and other website types like portfolio and magazine websites, etc.