Where In Your Home Can Decorative Plates Be Used?
Where In Your Home Can Decorative Plates Be Used?
Decorative wall plates can be used throughout the home to add pops of colour and detail to plain walls. Decorative wall plates can be used to add character to any walls in your home that appear lackluster and empty. Put decorative wall plates in places like:

Passages that are empty and bare
Passages are ideal places to use Decorative Plates because they are a low-cost way to fill up all that empty space without breaking the bank.

Over your bed
Is the area above your bed currently empty? Consider getting a set of wall plates to fill in the gaps; it will look complete without being overpowering.

In the living room
Place a few decorative plates above your sofa or TV and you're done with your decor. Decorative plates can also be added to your home's gallery wall because they are lovely quirky additions to a wall full of squarish frames and photos.

At your front door
The entrance to your home may be a neglected area that receives little attention. Prevent this from happening by adorning your bare walls with brand new decorative wall plates.

If you have bare walls in your kitchen,
Kitchens are frequently left unadorned because people devote their entire attention to decorating the living room and bedrooms. However, neglecting the kitchen should not be overlooked. Invest in some lovely decorative wall plates to add life to your kitchen and add a dash of style.

On your terrace
Wallplates look great when used in a semi-outdoor setting, such as a balcony, because decorative wall plates are a great way to fill up space in an area where you don't have a lot of decorating options.

In your own backyard garden
Decorating a home garden, like decorating a balcony, can be costly. In such a case, it is ideal to purchase some wall plates that will make the space appear more finished while not costing a fortune.

In powder rooms
A powder room is an ideal location in your home for experimenting with small pieces of decor. Even if your powder room only has a sink, you can add a few wall plates to give the space some personality.

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