What Is Digital Marketing? A Simple Explanation
What Is Digital Marketing? A Simple Explanation
What Is Digital Marketing? A Simple Explanation

What Is Digital Marketing? A Simple Explanation

 Let’s imagine you just met someone who says she works for a digital marketing agency. But, you’re not exactly sure what digital marketing is. And, in today’s digital age, you feel silly asking a clarifying question.

After all, you kind of know what marketing is, and you have a lot of devices that connect to the internet. 

In the grand scheme of marketing history, digital marketing is rather new. In fact, a few decades ago, we wouldn’t have known what it was either. So, we’ll help you gain confidence by answering three basic questions: 

  1. What is digital marketing? 
  2. Why a digital marketing agency? 
  3. What are some common digital marketing tools? 
Table of Contents
  1. Defining Digital Marketing
  2. Specialists in the Field
  3. The Tools of the Trade

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Defining Digital Marketing

Let’s begin by defining some terms, starting with “marketing.”

Marketing is all about promotion. It happens when a company, person, or organization promotes the buying or selling of a good or service. Marketing is a form of communication that connects the desires of the buyers and sellers in a given market. Marketing promotes the funneling of those desires to the point of conversion or sale. 

The “digital” in digital marketing simply refers to the medium in which the marketing takes place.

For example, print marketing refers to the use of print media for the sake of marketing (e.g., newspapers, magazines, billboards). Telemarketing has to do with phone calls. You get the point. 

Digital marketing utilizes the breadth of digital media in order to promote a good or service. In other words, it leverages the web to connect potential buyers to potential sellers and vice versa. 

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Specialists in the Field

A digital marketing agency partners with a company or organization looking to market its goods or services online. Agencies specialize in navigating the flux of the digital landscape. So, you don’t have to be an internet wiz to benefit from marketing online. 

Take Xekera Systems, for example. We don’t do print marketing or telemarketing. We’re your digital guide. This means:

  1. We listen to the challenges companies face with regard to marketing and sales goals. Then, we work with them to create a plan that leverages the potency of the web. 
  2. Our team of in-house experts (from strategists to designers, and developers to analysts) brings the digital plan to life. 
  3. We help companies grow and keep growing through refining and reinvesting in effective, innovative, and data-driven strategies.

The Tools of the Trade

Every market deals with specific goods and services, and every industry has its own jargon.

Digital marketing is no different.

An agency uses very specific digital services to help people grow their businesses. At Xekera Systems, we offer our clients the following: 

  • Message-Based Website Design – We work with clients to create their very own crystal-clear story, which we use to inspire website design. 
  • Website Development – We create websites our clients can easily update and love to use.
  • App Development – If a client needs to be one touch away from the customers, an app could be the perfect solution. 
  • Video Production – More people are watching videos than ever before, making a high-quality video highly effective for marketing purposes. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Big search engines, like Google, want to connect the info-seeker with relevant information as quickly as possible. SEO pinpoints keywords people are searching for, and optimizes a website accordingly—so the company gets found. 
  • Digital Advertising – This is what it sounds like: advertising on digital platforms.