Login to your ByteX Account using MetaMask Wallet
Login to your ByteX Account using MetaMask Wallet
ByteX is happy to announce that you can now login to your ByteX mobile app on Android & iOS app using the MetaMask wallet.

How will MetaMask Benefit You?

?Optional Custodial: Connect Metamask wallet to log in, trade, earn and borrow as the preferred wallet for all services on the platform.
?One click process: No more cumbersome form-filling.
?Hassle free-login: No need to remember yet another username/password pair.
?Saves Time: The whole process takes seconds.

What is CeDeFi & the Need for it?

Custodial platforms tend to hedge assets under custody on a scale of risk-classified markets, including DeFi services like staking, lending, farming, etc., and/or actively trade the assets on derivatives markets. Therefore, custody should be a choice for the end user, not a requirement to use the services.

CeDeFi offers the same features as DeFi while also offering the added security that comes with being centralized, allowing people to access DeFi products while still allowing them to leverage the advantages of CeFi systems. ByteX as a platform will consist of CeFi and DeFi; the whole platform is a hybrid web2.0 + web3.0. It is designed to allow both custodial and non-custodial access to its services.

Optional Custodial Wallets on ByteX with MetaMask

Login with MetaMask was the first step towards making your ByteX account more user-friendly and moving towards a CeDeFi architecture. 

Here are some additional features coming in the future: 

?Earn with MetaMask: You will be able to connect through MetaMask to Earn with Stablecoins on ByteX.

?Trade with MetaMask: You will be able to Buy & sell cryptocurrencies directly from the connected MetaMask wallet. 

If Metamask is not connected or the user prefers to use the custodial wallet, then Binance OKX-powered user wallets are provided with an insured custody partner; Copper.

How to Enable MetaMask Login?

To enable MetaMask login for your ByteX account, click on the top right icon → Account Settings→ Connect Wallet → Confirm Your Wallet. 

Once you have connected and confirmed your MetaMask wallet address, you will be able to login to your ByteX account using MetaMask.

?To use MetaMask on the Web for logging, refer to the article here.

Stay tuned for more feature updates and announcements. 

About ByteX

ByteX is a licensed & regulated CeDeFi platform operating in Canada, USA, the European Economic Area, and India. Being a KYC verified platform with compliant DeFi architecture, ByteX aims to bridge the best of both worlds and redefine the crypto credit infrastructure with transparency.

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