ByteX Launches Earn with Stablecoin: Now Also for Web
ByteX Launches Earn with Stablecoin: Now Also for Web
ByteX is delighted to announce the launch of its Earn program for Web users with which you can earn up to 9% APR on your stablecoins. For now, you can use both USDC & BUSD to Earn, with more crypto assets to be added in the future.

Earn Program at a Glance

Available currencies: USDC, BUSD
Duration: 3/6/9/12 months
Returns: Up to 9%
Return Payout: Monthly
Minimum Amount: $100 

Must Know of the ByteX Earn Program 

  1. ByteX Earn with Stablecoins is now available for both web and mobile users. 
  1. Rewards (APR) for all the Earn modules will be calculated and credited monthly. 
  1. Once Funds are locked for Earning, they can only be redeemed after the completion of the Locking Period and cannot be unlocked before the maturity period. 

Earn with DeFi Tokens: Coming Soon

ByteX will soon launch Earn with DeFi token to offer its users even more earning possibilities. 

About ByteX

ByteX is a licensed & regulated CeDeFi platform operating in Canada, the European Economic Area, and India. Being a KYC verified platform with compliant DeFi architecture, ByteX aims to bridge the best of both worlds and redefine the crypto credit infrastructure with transparency.

The platform will soon offer zero collateral crypto loans to institutional & individual borrowers using a blend of machine learning-based Credit Rating Systems. The aim is to address some of the prevalent issues within the existing lending-borrowing ecosystem, such as over-collateralization with crypto assets, which keeps a lot of credit-worthy borrowers from participating.


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